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Top 5 Funny Wedding Moments

Top 5 Funny Wedding Moments

Wedding moments are the reason why couples go through meticulous wedding planning in the first place. It is all worth it to have priceless memories that can be shared for ages to come. There are various types of wedding moments, some that evoke ecstasy, others that bring pride, and yes, let’s not forget the funny ones. 

In fact, La Belle Couture will be visiting the top five scenarios in a wedding where hilarity ensues. We invite couples and their families to tap on the power of laughter during this period of uncertainty to elevate the mood!

Funny Wedding Moments #1: Le Gatecrashing

Gatecrashing – one of the most dreaded terms in the wedding lexicon according to bridegrooms. It also refers to one of the silliest and most entertaining moments at a wedding. Don’t forget to spam on the pre-wedding photography!

Expect pure comedy as a band of brothers is bombarded with waves of tests devised by crafty bridesmaids. It is going to be savage, so remember to whip out your cams for eventful wedding photography. Cross-dressing, off-pitch singing, and consuming unidentified objects – anything goes, nobody knows. The one thing for certain is uncontrollable laughter. 

Funny Wedding Moments #2: The Speeches

The speeches are a segment in the wedding where couples get to bare it all. This is where honesty comes forth. On top of that, relatives, best friends, and parents will be sharing their candid stories and humble opinions. Yes, it will cause great embarrassment but we can’t deny the humorous element that comes with it. 


Expect the floodgates to be opened. If you’re looking for something truly memorable and fun, conduct the session in the style of a roast. Let your guest speakers talk freely, and conclude the session with a witty repartee (basically, return gunfire!).

Funny Wedding Moments #3: The Montage

Wedding montages can be flattering. There’ll be pre-wedding shots with you being gorgeous in your resplendent wedding gown while your partner looks dashing in his tuxedo. But let’s agree not to pretend there aren’t any funny slides. 


You know what we’re talking about. Those naked baby pics, awkward teenage years, and the earliest days of romance. Those are sure to bring out a smile at the very least. It is alright, we’ve all had our unglamorous moments, just that yours will be up for show and tell. C’est la vie. 

Funny Wedding Moments #4: Popping the Champagne

The Yam Seng segment is a test of endurance, specifically, lung capacity. It usually involves a succession of three cheers, which gets progressively longer. Good luck if you hired an overenthusiastic emcee, you’ll be well-trained as an opera singer once the night is over.  


Jokes aside, it is the perfect opportunity to take center stage in your wedding gown, as the guests join you for a fabulous group photo. 

Funny Wedding Moments #5: Throwing the Bouquet

Ah, the iconic bouquet toss by the blushing bride. It is a traditional passing of the baton, from one blissful soul to the next in line. The solemn toss wouldn’t make it on our list if it weren’t for the unlikely recipients over the years. Yup, we’re talking about the cheeky 70-year-old spinster aunt or K-pop crazy bridesmaid who is single yet unavailable. 




Ultimately, these moments are only as funny as the people involved. We hope you have a blast and loads of laughter for your big day! 

La Belle is always here to help you look and feel your finest on your grand occasion. We believe that laughter is truly the best medicine and will make your wedding absolutely unforgettable!


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