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Top 5 Interior Design Trends For Newly Weds In 2021

Top 5 Interior Design Trends for Newly Weds in 2021

By Laurenzo Overee

At La Belle, we often share ideas about wedding gowns, bridal photography, and the fine details associated with your big day. But the truth is, the wedding merely signifies the next phase of your beautiful relationship. Wedding trends are significant, but what about interior design trends?

You’ll be moving into your new home soon, where you will create many more priceless memories. Since we genuinely care about the long-term happiness of our brides, we’ve gathered five interior design trends to get you started on your private paradise!

Interior Design Trends for Newly Weds #1 – Open Kitchens

We usually find traditional kitchens separated from the rest of the house for good reason. It makes sense since you wouldn’t want the couch smelling like last night’s Mexican dinner or find grease everywhere. Yet nowadays, many homeowners are opting for open kitchen concepts that add spaciousness to their apartments.

It’s all thanks to advanced deodorisers that remove all the vapour when you’re whipping up a meal. Alternatively, couples may choose to install sliding glass panels that create the illusion of an open kitchen. Either way, it’s an excellent way to expand the perceived size of your home!

Interior Design Trends for Newly Weds #2 – Indoor Greenery

Society’s break from air travel and large-scale consumerism due to the new normal has led to Earth’s slow recovery from pollution. Sustainability has become a recurring theme in weddings, and we believe it will influence the interior decor of homes. After all, money plants, bonsais, and succulents have all become a common fixture in modern homes. 

You could optimize your indoor space with a hanging garden design by installing hooks to your ceiling and attaching planters to them. Alternatively, you may use wooden racks to display greenery across your walls. We believe a well-placed plant can enhance the appearance of your newly framed wedding photography images!

The presence of nature will remind couples to stay committed to safeguarding our precious planet. 

Interior Design Trends for Newly Weds #3 – Space Optimisation

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that modern houses in Singapore are generally getting smaller. As such, couples should make the best out of their limited space. As a result, many modern homeowners favour furniture with multiple purposes. 

For example, you might consider getting a sofa that doubles as a bed for guests or an ottoman serving as storage. Couples will have lots of fun in the creative selection process, and the sky is the limit!

Interior Design Trends for Newly Weds #4 – Smart Homes 

Smart technology has improved significantly in recent years. Couples might consider riding the tech wave to enhance their homes. 

Voice-controlled assistants enable users to control their light and stereo systems without moving a finger. You may take a peek into your smart fridge from work and shop for missing groceries on the way home. Biometric keypads offer unmatched protection for your house gate. And the list goes on. 

If you plan to have a smart home, just remember to set up a solid security solution against cyber threats! 

Interior Design Trends for Newly Weds #5 –  Country Comeback

Country designs have returned with full throttle. You know, those wooden and nostalgic designs that transport you to a quaint faraway cottage. More homeowners are opting for country themes as a form of escapism from the hectic world.

Some popular country interior features include muted tones, embroidered tablecloths/draperies, and natural textures such as wood grains. Couples may consider installing candle and wax warmers to create a snuggly ambience. These devices feature soft halogen bulbs that retain heat without nasty smoke and soot. 

An elegant vintage country style typically combines traditional elements with playful bold prints (like some of our wedding gowns). Country themes are ideal for creating a haven where couples can relax after a hard day’s work. 




A new home is an exciting prospect, and we believe couples will be thrilled at every stage of the design! Do some famous designs inspire you, and how will you personalise your nest? We would love to hear your take on the subject!


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