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Top 5 Pre-wedding Photoshoot Venues

Top 5 Pre-wedding Photoshoot Venues

Pre-wedding photography

By Laurenzo Overee

“Breathtaking,” “unforgettable,” and “unreal” are just some of the words commonly used to describe a quality pre-wedding photoshoot. 

You’ve got the blissful couple decked in their bridal outfits; the gorgeous bride and her dashing groom. The photographer applies the most adept editing skills to create larger-than-life tableaus. And yes – there’s the backdrop that ties everything together like ribbons to a lovely little parcel. 

When selecting a location for your pre-wedding photoshoot, always aim to go big. It’s that golden opportunity to create your dream wedding scene without distraction (e.g., entertaining guests). 

Each venue should carry significance (i.e., the site of your first kiss) or exude a certain magical appeal. Over the years, there have been several locations in Singapore that belong in the latter category. 

We visit the top 5 of these alluring spots that have remained staples in wedding albums. 


Pre-wedding Photoshoot Hotspot #1 – Fort Canning Hill 

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It is only fitting that we begin the list with arguably the most iconic pre-wedding photoshoot location on the island. Anybody who’s been to Fort Canning Hill can attest to its tranquil beauty. After all, it’s the former site of an ancient kingdom with untold riches.   

The historical location offers several unique structures (from a weathered gate to winding stairs and a pair of gorgeous cupolas) that make it ideal for wedding shoots. Essentially, Fort Canning Hill is a place brimming with memories that will give your images a timeless aesthetic.  

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Hotspot #2 – Marina Barrage

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Marina Barrage is perhaps one of the most popular pre-wedding shoot locations with a uniquely Singaporean vibe. Your wedding backdrops will feature world-famous structures like MBS and the Singapore Eye, giving it a cosmopolitan touch. 

If you have decided on Marina Barrage, consider wearing a sheer and lightweight wedding gown (e.g., chiffon). It’s likely to be windy with its proximity to the sea, so why not feel the breeze against your skin?  


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Hotspot #3 – National Gallery

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Colonial-style buildings display an arresting beauty absent in modern structures. And few match up to the glorious architecture of the National Gallery with its stoic columns and geometrical windows. 

Posing in front of the former Supreme Court is deeply symbolic as you prepare to legalise your romantic union. Due to the distinguished history of the place, it’s more suitable to go with formal wedding gown silhouettes (i.e., ball gowns) for your shoot. 


Pre-wedding Photoshoot Hotspot #4 – Raffles Marina Lighthouse 

Choosing pre-wedding photoshoot venues

As author Elinor Dewire puts it, “lighthouses are not just stone, brick, metal, and glass. There’s a human story at every lighthouse; that’s the story I want to tell.”

Unfortunate Fact: lighthouses are a rarity on our tropical island. The good news is that the Raffles Marina Lighthouse is the only structure of its kind not owned by the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore. 

If you’ve always desired to snap wedding photos in front of those impressive spires, request a permit, and you’ll have your wish come true. Tell your unique love story with pride!


Pre-wedding Photoshoot Hotspot #5 – People’s Park Complex

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If you seek a nostalgic oriental wedding shoot, then look no further than People’s Park Complex as your venue. A backdrop of old-fashioned apartments and signage in bold Chinese characters will transport you to the old street of Hongkong circa 1970. Consider wedding gowns with trendy elements (i.e., high-low hemlines) to create a beautiful contrast against the vintage landscape. 




Ultimately, the best pre-wedding photoshoot location depends on your bridal vision. What is the scene you wish to create? You and your partner should always be the highlight in each photo. 

Remember, if you remain in doubt, the La Belle Team is always here to help realise the most spectacular wedding experiences. Contact our team or send us a message on social media to begin your unforgettable bridal journey!



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