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Top 5 Things To Pack For Overseas Wedding Shoots Once The Situation Clears

Top 5 Things To Pack For Overseas Wedding Shoots once the Situation Clears

Overseas wedding shoots are extremely popular among brides. They offer unique breathtaking backgrounds that will spruce up any wedding album. Shooting at an overseas location also means that you’ve got to bring along a couple of key essentials. La Belle Couture narrows down to 5 essential items that brides should pack into their luggage for their spectacular wedding photography

Essential Things to Pack for Overseas Wedding Shoots #1: Jackets and Sweaters

Brides need to be prepared for the fiercest winds and unusual temperatures (unlike the predictable rain or shine in SG). Many countries have their own climate that fluctuates according to the seasons throughout the year. So, it is important to conduct some research to see the kind of weather conditions you’ll be facing during the time of your shoot. 

Sweaters and jackets can be life-savers under many freak weather conditions. This is especially true for brides who are wearing bare-shoulder wedding gowns for their wedding shoot. So pack those extra layers into your bag! You could score extra points by choosing a sweater or jacket design that complements your outfit!

Essential Things to Pack for Overseas Wedding Shoots #2: Waterproof Footwear or Spray

This is a must-have for cold and wet natural landscapes. These essential items may be used in local shoots too (for venues such as beaches), but they’re more suitable for cold treks up mountains and waterproof footwear will keep you comfortable while you pose for hours in stunning places like the Scottish Highlands or the Mountains in Lijiang. Waterproof sprays are an excellent alternative if you’re unable to find a waterproof shoe style that fits your wedding outfit. Truly, this is an unmissable item – there are few things worse than being stranded with moist feet!

Essential Things to Pack for Overseas Wedding Shoots #3: A Pose List 

We cannot stress just how important pose lists are. Most of us know just how undependable human memory is! A list of wedding photography poses will ensure that you make full use of your shoot experience without omitting any desired frame. 


Pose lists are perhaps more essential in overseas shoots. The exotic location means that it would be pretty inconvenient for brides to sneak in additional photos if they noticed missing shots after the trip. The logistics would be impractical (and perhaps a nightmare).  


Brides can avoid this by coming up with a detailed pose list before the trip. Discuss with your partner how you can make the best out of those foreign environments and landmarks. Perhaps you’d like to smooch under a Venetian bridge or cuddle at the top of a mountainous peak. Talk it out and jot them down to ensure all ideas are on the list. 


And if poses may not seem to work well as you thought they would, don’t worry! Our photographer will be there to guide you!

Essential Things to Pack for Overseas Wedding Shoots #4: Your Personal Camera

You’re likely to have your pre-wedding photography package handled by a pro who accompanies you for the trip. 


However, some couples may wish for some extra keepsake from their time spent in the foreign wonderlands. This may include personal shots from the POVs of the bride and groom. It is highly likely that your professional photographer bars you from tampering with his expensive equipment. (it is his bread and butter after all).


The best way around this is to bring along your own camera (or one of the latest iPhones) so you can take some really cool shots during breaks.  

Essential Things to Pack for Overseas Wedding Shoots #5: Patience 

Okay, so this really isn’t an actual item. But you’ll need truckloads of patience if you’re intending to have an overseas wedding shoot. Singaporeans are used to getting photo shoots done quickly and efficiently. This is doable on our tiny island but impossible for vast foreign landmasses. 


So if you’re hoping to capture multiple scenes in France or China, expect hours of travel and prep time between venues. Couples should seek creative ways to keep themselves occupied and enthusiastic while they’re on the road. You don’t want to look bored stiff in your wedding photos!


We understand that the current situation is putting overseas projects on hold. Wedding plans are being affected and brides are postponing their celebrations.


 As such, we urge that brides and their families take the utmost precautions during these trying times so they may emerge from this crisis stronger than ever. After all, an oversea wedding photoshoot should be scheduled way ahead of time (at least 3 months). So we’re hoping that our tips will prove useful in the near future! 


And since everyone is working from home, Labelle Couture has been coming up with fun segments on our social media platforms, so stay tuned for these fun videos coming up!


We would also want to thank all the essential working for doing their job during this crucial and risky period. You are truly appreciated!

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