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Top 5 Wedding Photography Singapore Locations Part 1: Nature And Greenery

Top 5 Wedding Photography Singapore Locations Part 1: Nature And Greenery

You know that feeling when you chance upon a picture of nature and greenery on Tumblr or Facebook, and you must be thinking to yourself ‘Singapore confirm don’t have such place one lah!’

It is probably true…to a certain extent. Given Singapore’s undeniable fast pace of life, you probably rarely have the opportunity to rest, let alone discover the gems of nature in Singapore! So yes, it is partially true but that’s only because you enjoy two kinds of commutes: one to work and one back home. You know you are nodding to this 😉

Before you dismiss Singapore as an ideal location for nature shots, give us a chance and read on our top 5 wedding photography singapore locations that definitely fit the bill!

No. 5: Punggol Waterway

Although it is merely 4 years old, Punggol Waterway Park is steadily becoming wedded couples’ first choice of wedding photography locations. Although it is man made, it looks nothing like it. The harmony between the thick foliage and the calm waters is the perfect combination of romance and tranquility. This harmony is even more obvious (and lovelier) when the blue skies are reflected on the calm waters!

Don’t believe us? Here is the evidence of the picturesque sight.

pre wedding photography punggol waterway by the waters La Belle Couture

There are four sections within Punggol Waterway: Nature Cove, Recreation Cove, Heritage Zone and Green Gallery. The more popular sections are Nature Cove and Green Gallery, where there is more greenery.

pre wedding photography punggol waterway La Belle Couture

No. 4: Turf City

Two things come to mind when you think of Turf City: Horse riding and Pasarbella. There’s a lot of yummy food there as well, but lets not venture that, before we hear our tummies growl ;). On top of that, there are many recreational activities there that are great for people to wind down and be away from the typical Singapore’s hectic lifestyle.

But beyond just that that, there are secret spots that elevate your pre-wedding photography to a whole new level. Like this picture below!

pre wedding photography turf club with dark skies La Belle Couture

You must be wondering, are those trees for real? Singapore has such majestic trees? And yes, these trees are real. They are not photoshopped. Beautiful isn’t it?

On top of that, the tall grasses and the abandoned fences gives Turf Club that ‘overseas’ vibe, which is really great! That way, you can trick your wedding guests into thinking that you took your pre wedding photography at overseas, when all you did was to take them at Turf City. Sounds like a grand plan, doesn’t it?

pre wedding photography turf club in sepia La Belle Couture


No. 3: Singapore Botanical Gardens

There is a reason why Singapore Botanical Gardens is not only inscribed as a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, but it is also the first and only tropical botanic garden on the list!

pre wedding photography singapore botanical gardens at night La Belle Couture

Singapore Botanical Gardens is showered with majestic structures such as white pavillions, rich flora and fauna with a phletora of colours and the peaceful atmosphere that will turn your pre wedding photoshoot into an enjoyable one! Although Singapore Botanical Gardens is very large, almost every part of Singapore Botanical Gardens serves as a good backdrop.

pre wedding photography singapore botanical gardens in the day La Belle Couture

This means you are not limited to the popular spots such as Healing Garden, Sun Garden and The Swan Lake! This also means you can be away from the crowd(we heard it can be packed on weekends) and not worry about a random tourist at the background of your pre wedding photography.

However, it is advisable to recce the place to discover Singapore Botanical Garden’s hidden spots before your pre wedding photography! That way, you can plan your photoshoot better. Also, you can ask your pre wedding photographer for advice! he/she should be experienced enough to know the gems hidden in Singapore Botanical Gardens!

No.2: Fort Canning Park

Being a witness to several historical milestones (did you know that there were palaces in the 14th century for Malay Kings?!), Fort Canning Park have grown into an iconic pre wedding photography location with its lush greenery, eroded relics from the Japanese Occupation during World War 2 and the artefacts that look weathered yet undeniably vintage.

pre wedding photography fort canning park La Belle Couture in Sepia

As Fort Canning Park is heavily sheltered by tall and overarching trees, it lends shade (thankfully!) to couples from the blazing heat. Furthermore, the wide trees with its spreaded branches and leaves stops the full force of the sunlight from penetrating through, creating that natural lighting that will look amazing in all your wedding photos!

pre wedding photography fort canning park La Belle Couture

With regards to location, it is just right behind National Museum, which is pretty accessible. Furthermore, being located at the heart of Singapore only means that it is easier to plan your itienary as most of Singapore’s popular pre wedding photography locations are situated at the central.

No.1: Hort Park

Finally, we are down to the most popular location that looks nothing like Singapore. Located at Southern Ridges, Hort Park is filled with many gorgeous shades of green and orange that looks nothing but beautiful, especially under the sunlight.

pre wedding photography hort park La Belle Couture in black and white

On top of that, the dense foliage helps create the depth in your wedding photos and gives that romantic touch to your wedding photos. The plain fields and the trees in Hort Park makes it look like it doesn’t belong to busy and urbanised Singapore! Hoorays for being away from the hustle and bustle!

Not only it is beautiful, but you get to enjoy a private and personal time there since Hort Park is well known for its serenity and comforting quietness. This means only one thing: there will be no prying eyes and you will be comfortable to do whatever you want to do! Strike the funniest poses without feeling judged!

pre wedding photography hort park La Belle Couture

Do you agree that these locations are good? Comment below and let us know (hey it rhymes)! Of course having an enjoyable pre wedding photoshoot isn’t all about choosing the right location. There are many things to consider, such as having a good posture and even having a packing list! Also, the best kind of pre wedding photoshoot is the kind that is smooth and lack of mistakes!

Look out for part 2 of our top pre wedding photography locations 😉

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