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Top 5 Wedding Photography Singapore Locations Part 2: Sunsets And Horizons

Top 5 Wedding Photography Singapore Locations Part 2: Sunsets And Horizons

Changi Boardwalk

Singapore wedding photography changi

Here at Changi Boardwalk, you will see the tranquil water reflecting an array of subtle hues across the sky! Plus, the ferries on the sea add that decorative touch to your photos. This is a great place for couples who want to have their pre-wedding photography to be more unique and appear serene.

There are four areas to explore in Changi Boardwalk. Sunset Walk is great for fans of sunset, while the Kelong Walk is suitable for couples who prefer the long stretch of wooden bridge build along the sea. On the other hand, the Cliff Walk offers verdant greenery below the hilltop chalets while the Changi Sailing Club offers a picturesque view of the open seas.

Wedding photography singapore changi

Unfortunately, Changi Boardwalk is pretty inaccessible and can be quite hard to locate as well (even for the easties). Also, it is pretty difficult to find a parking lot.

On top of that, there’s quite a fair bit of walking to do. Unless you are alright with ‘hiking’ with a 5kg gown and/or have your own transport, then we think that you can give this location a miss.

Raffle Marina Yacht Club

It is a popular pre wedding photography location for it breathtaking view, where the jetties are flanked by yachts. You only hear the sounds of waves colliding against the yachts as they stay close with each other, as if they have been knitted together. It is a sight that calms the soul and puts your mind at peace.

wedding photography singapore raffles yacht club

The only downside is how it is located at the West (We bet that you thought it might be situated at the central because of the word ‘Raffles’ in the name of the location), and it can be difficult to arrange your pre wedding photography itinerary. The last time we heard was that there’s a fee of $350 to use the premises for wedding photography purposes.

Hence, if you are in love with combination of the sea, yachts and sunset, then this is the perfect pre wedding photography location.

singapore wedding photography raffles marina yacht club

Marina Barrage

Elevated above Marina Reservoir in the open, Marina Barrage offers a vast and urban city scape against the horizon. The dazzling lights of the Singapore Flyer and the high rise buildings at Central Business District adds a romantic touch to your wedding photography, complementing the sunset.

singapore wedding photography marina barrage

Even the sunset and the blue skies can be captured right below Marina Barrage, such as the wedding photography at the bottom! It is a great way to frame up the superb sunset!

wedding photography singapore marina barrage

Seletar reservoir

Seletar Reservoir is the exact opposite of Marina Barrage. Instead of the grassy lawn and the urban landscape, all you can witness here is the still waters, the peaceful atmosphere and of course, the famous tree that seems to hold a life on its own as it swishes lightly against the wind.

singapore wedding photography seletar .jpg

Another famous part of Seletar Reservoir for pre wedding photography is this bridge that seems to be floating on the waters. You will look like you are stepping on waters as you enjoy the full view of the alluring sunset.

wedding photography singapore seletar

Sentosa Beach

Sentosa Beach secures the number 1 spot for several reasons!

First of all, being situated from the hustle and bustle in Singapore, Sentosa Beach is an ideal wedding photography location that promises a sense of tranquility. With the fine sand, countless tall coconut trees and the soothing sea breeze, your pre wedding photography experience will be nothing but enjoyable.

singaore wedding photography sentosa beach.jpg

Secondly,the clear skyline offers a magnificent sunset that is not obstructed by random buildings. This is especially beautiful when the sunlight shyly permeates through the scattered clouds, creating that holographic effect in shades of coral, purple and blue.

wedding photography singapore sentosa.jpg

Although transport is a little tricky and parking can be pretty expensive, Sentosa Beach’s overwhelming beauty is worth the trouble.




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