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Top 5 Wedding Worries

Top 5 Wedding Worries

Weddings are a unique opportunity in your life to create unforgettable memories. However, the preparation can be overwhelming – with the sheer amount of things that are needed to be done. Hence, wedding worries!

Brides are bound to feel a little nervous regardless of how smooth the prep is. There is always that fear of expectation versus reality, which sits on your gut. La Belle Couture visits the top 5 worries and how brides can get through them. 

No one ever said that the colour of your hair has to match your white wedding gown! (if you get our drift 😉 )

Top Wedding Worries #1: Will I Fit into my Wedding Gown?

This is what we’d like to consider the perennial bridal worry – it has been around as long as wedding gowns. Brides are going to be extremely conscious of their image since they want to look nothing short of their best. It is totally normal to have this worry, it shows commitment to your big occasion!


There are two measures to fix this. 


Firstly, you may consider keeping to a strict diet shortly (a few months) before your wedding. But remember to set realistic goals, your health is more important than looking good. After all, beauty is only skin-deep! Also, on your wedding day, minimise food and water intake so you’re not bloated. Have a small portion of your meals as and when you can during your wedding. This is especially important if you get a form-fitting wedding gown. 


Rather than worrying whether you’ll fit into your gown, we recommend that brides focus on choosing the right silhouette. Speak to your wedding specialist to have him/her pick out a cutting that complements your body shape. 


Top Wedding Worries #2: Did I Miss Anyone Out on the Guest List?

Although it is your big day and you’re the star, it is common to put others before yourself. Brides may worry if they’d indirectly offended someone by not inviting them. After all, this may have long-term repercussions and strain relationships. 


If you’re worried, sit down with your partner and draft a mindmap of all relations. Two minds are better than one. People you know can be grouped by where and when you met them. This will help sort things out to avoid any omissions. 


Don’t fret though, if you still miss out on someone, the person is probably not that important. Sounds harsh but it’s true! You can’t please everyone and you should not let that fact ruin your awesome affair. 


Top Wedding Worries #3: What if it Rains During my Outdoor Wedding?

Okay, so this entry applies only to some brides – but it is a huge worry nonetheless!


A downpour during your outdoor wedding is going to ruin months of planning and leave you looking like a depressed soggy mess, right? Not with the right contingency plans set in place!


The weather is always uncertain – regardless of what forecasts might tell you. If you’re planning for an outdoor wedding, consider the worst possible weather scenario. Work closely with your wedding specialists and venue vendors on backup arrangements. Some things to consider include tentage, cute couple umbrellas, and ponchos for your guests. 


In fact, rain on your wedding day is traditionally known to be a sign of good luck. And if you’re not into such beliefs, you can still look forward to a unique experience! 


Plan, relax, and let things play out as they come. 


Top Wedding Worries #4: How Should I Word My Vows?

Wedding vows are the precious pledge of love that proclaims the passion and promises between couples. Some brides might be a little stressed over the wording of their vows – especially if it is read in front of a large crowd. Are the words inappropriate or too mushy? What if my partner’s delivery makes mine seem insincere or lackluster? 


Remember, you could stick to preset vows (provided by the officiating party) if you’re at a loss for words. 


But what if you’ve decided on expressing your genuinely heartfelt emotions? After all, a wedding is all about professing your love. 


Well, since now we’re all practicing social distancing due to CoVid19, take this time to stay at home and plan out your heartfelt words.


You don’t have to think long and hard to word your true feelings, it isn’t a graded essay! Think of those moments that made your heart flutter, and times that drew the both of you closer. Consider the future you wish to create together. Write those down. A meaningful wedding vow doesn’t have to be lengthy, keep it natural. 


Top Wedding Worries #5: Will I Be Spending Too Much for my Wedding?

Weddings don’t come with a fixed price tag, like birthday parties, or any other special event. However, it is important to spend within your means. Always remember that a wedding celebration lasts only for a few days at max (counting pre-wedding photography). The amount you spent, on the other hand, might have long-term effects on your livelihood. This is especially so if it saps your savings. 


Speak to a wedding specialist, who can help you determine the best package based on a practical budget. La Belle Couture has a service for “Build Your Own Wedding Package”. You can make an appointment with us to plan and understand more.


Never incur any debts to organize a grand affair. Once the event is over, you want a happily-ever-after, not a financial nightmare. 


Also, as a rule of thumb, don’t ever compare your wedding with others that you have attended. Every wedding is wonderful in its own special way! 




Brides, turn your frowns upside down! Enjoy every step of the wedding process by living in the moment. You’re the host and star of your event, and you’re not doing it alone. 


Maintain open communication with your partner, be each other’s pillar of support. Your wedding will be perfect as long as you cast your worries aside. 


As for the current issue of CoVid-19, stay safe and let us all be socially responsible together! We’ve got this!


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