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Top Bridal Myths Debunked

Top Bridal Myths Debunked

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By Laurenzo Overee

Bridal myths pass on across generations for many reasons. These may stem from individual perspectives to exaggerated warnings. Whatever the real reason may be, it is safe to say that they are called myths for a reason. Logic gets lost in translation from person to person, and you don’t have to treat these myths as law. You don’t!

From your wedding gown choice to the way you react at the altar. These myths play out marvelously in movies – but it’s your big day, and you should define it in your original style. Be the director and scriptwriter. Take charge of each scene!

Bridal Myths #1 – Wedding Gowns Should Be Some Form of White

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Yes, we have all heard that ancient rhetoric before. “Brides should don white wedding gowns to represent purity, bliss, and grace.” But let’s face it – it’s an antiquated mindset to have in the 21st century. 

Nowadays, anything goes in an inclusive world. Wear any colour that suits your fancy, nobody will judge. And if they do, it shouldn’t make you feel bad. It’s your event, so be confident of your fashion decision!

Bridal Myths #2 – You Should Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

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If you have spammed romcoms and sappy love movies in the past, you know the bride always cries. She’s like a delicate porcelain doll who sheds a tear at the slightest emotional moment. The truth is, each bride expresses herself according to her unique personality.

You are not obliged to react a certain way as your partner reads his vows or places a ring on your finger. Be yourself, and don’t feel stressed to fit a specific mold. You could laugh, smile sweetly, and yes, even cry. But the bottom line is that there is no one legit bridal reaction –  and you don’t have to feel weird about being yourself. 

Bridal Myths #3 – Wedding Gown Testing is a Nightmare

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You might picture yourself entering a bridal boutique surrounded by a million awesome gown selections. Slowly, you feel yourself shrinking into the size of an ant as time ticks away to your wedding day. And you still can’t find the perfect wedding gown. Gasp -will the madness ever end?

In real life, things aren’t as scary and overwhelming. For example, if you step foot into La Belle Couture, our consultants will assist you in the right direction immediately! Let us know your preferred style (or we can help you find it), and voila – we’ll match you to the gorgeous style of your dreams. 




Of course, there are millions of other bridal myths floating around. The trick to dealing with them lies in discounting them as entertainment – nothing more than fancy stories. We all know how bridal preparations can get on our nerves – and yes, brides end up dramatising their experiences. 

Rest assured that we’ll help you handle your prep at La Belle couture without breaking a sweat. Start a conversation with our experts today, or nudge us on social media to start your blissful journey!


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