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Trending Wedding Dress Styles 2021

Trending Wedding Dress Styles 2021

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By Laurenzo Overee

It’s approaching the end of the year, and we know what that means! There will be lots of talk about weddings and the necessary prep work. Yes, it is almost a tradition for good old relatives to ask about the “grand celebration.” As always, La Belle Couture is here to save the auspicious day, providing some inspiration for the top wedding dress trends of 2021. 

So if you’re still shopping for your dream wedding gown, it’s time to take out your journal and scribble some notes!

2021 Wedding Dress Trend #1 –  Capes

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There are few wedding dress features as breathtaking as a flowy cape. Capes have long been a beloved staple in the history of fashion. Think about medieval queens and fairytale princesses, and you’ll picture them in a lovely cape. It’s like a cascade of elegance that creates an illusory aura of mystical beauty. 

Capes are making a comeback in the wedding scene, and adding them to your outfit will instantly transform you into royalty on your big day. When choosing a wedding gown cape, consider a lightweight see-through fabric that accentuates your feminine curves. Also, a thin design is a practical choice on our sunny island. 

2021 Wedding Dress Trend #2 – Embellished Sleeves

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Simple and elegant wedding gowns have become the highlight of the season. Embellished sleeves can enhance these trending styles, giving a boost to the overall ensemble. Some of the most popular sleeve designs involve nature-inspired motifs (think vines and floral blooms) that present a fresh and energetic appearance. 

One great thing about sleeves is that they won’t overwhelm the bridal look since your arm movements occasionally tuck them out of sight. So you can go ahead and choose the most elaborate sleeve design and still pull it off effortlessly.  

2021 Wedding Dress Trend #3 – Plunging Backline

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Plunging backlines are in these days – a must-have feature for bold and expressive brides. Let’s not discount how relaxing it is to feel the wind against your skin in an outdoor wedding affair. 

Additionally, the fashionable element will turn heads when you waltz down that aisle. However, when choosing a wedding gown with a plunging backline, avoid other revealing features (i.e., short hemline) as this may result in an ostentatious display. 

However, if you choose to go for an over-the-top look, remember to strut your stuff like a queen. As the superstar Shakira once said, confidence is the best makeup that a girl can wear. So go forth sizzling in style!




If some of the wedding style trends of 2021 have caught your eye, then you’ll love La Belle’s Elysian collection. It’s a timeless range inspired by tranquil fields and old European charm. Wedding trends come and go, so always opt for understated designs (i.e., Elysian gowns) if you want a look that withstands the test of time. Evergreen bridal styles make for excellent wedding photography – something special you’ll be proud to showcase decades down the road. 

For brides planning the perfect wedding, contact the La Belle team or drop us a message on social media, and we will help you realise those dreams!

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