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4 Troubling Wedding Planning Mistakes That Cause Unnecessary Wedding Stress

4 Troubling Wedding Planning Mistakes That Cause Unnecessary Wedding Stress

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime affair! It’s a beautiful celebration of the union between you and your spouse. Understandably, the weight of a wedding can cause stress during wedding planning. There are troubling wedding planning mistakes that add to this stress!

If you can catch some of the common mistakes made before it happens, you can enjoy greater joy in the wedding planning experience. After all, it’s a day for you and your loved ones to savour.

Here are the four common mistakes causing unnecessary stress during wedding planning!

#1 Troubling Wedding Planning Mistakes: Wanting To Please Others

Troubling Wedding Planning Mistakes - Opinions

A wedding is a beautiful celebration of not just two people becoming one, but two families coming together. There’s going to be lots of excitement and ideas exchange. Whether it’s your wedding dress or the styling of the dessert table, your loved ones are going to be bubbling with excitement and opinions.

Remember that you can’t please everyone! Involve one or two trusted people to have a second opinion.

#2 Troubling Wedding Planning Mistakes:: Leaving These Things To The Last Minute

Troubling Wedding Planning Mistakes - Last Minute

Photo credits: Hong Ray Photography

From wedding photography to wedding gowns, there are so many details to look into. And each of them has so many options! Amidst all these choices, you’ve to balance dreams with your budget as well. This might encourage you to procrastinate making a decision.

However, because of the nature of the industry, vendors can get booked up more than one year in advance! To minimise unnecessary stress during wedding planning, avoid putting off your decisions to the last few months. Get the big decisions such as choosing a wedding venue, booking your bridal studio and pre-wedding photography and your caterer at least ten months ahead. Once you’ve nailed these big items, zoom into the details such as your wedding invites, wedding photography and videography, scheduling for food tasting, and more.  

#3 Troubling Wedding Planning Mistakes: Taking On Too Much

Troubling Wedding Planning Mistakes - DIY

Weddings are expensive. It’s natural to feel like DIY-ing everything can save you money. While that’s true, it’d also take you extra time and effort to plan, coordinate and actually do the work. It can result in additional stress and anxiety. What’s more? If you’re trying to do something that isn’t your forte, it can result in lots left undone as you close in on your wedding date – which causes stress during wedding planning!

It would be wiser to prioritise the items that you want and can DIY. Choose those that are fun and easy for you to do with your spouse. It could be a lovely date idea! For the other items, you might want to outsource it to a professional.

#4 Troubling Wedding Planning Mistakes: Worrying About The Small Details

Troubling Wedding Planning Mistakes - What MattersWedding planning is a massive project. Furthermore, the chick flicks have helped us dream up an idea of a perfect wedding. This can cause us to fret over the unexpected and the trivial details. It’s no wonder that there’d be stress during wedding planning!

However, there are always going to be things out of your control. Whether your dream photographer is fully booked, the napkins aren’t enough, or you’ve guests pulling out at the last minute, these can and might very well happen. Instead of losing tears and sleep over them, you can choose to invest on the relationships that would last beyond the wedding – such as the one with your spouse, or your own parents!

A wedding is a beautiful celebration – and also a massive one. Stress during wedding planning is common among couples. By knowing these four common mistakes causing unnecessary stress during wedding planning, you can rise above them!

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