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Types Of Wedding Gown Designs Suitable And Unsuitable For Your Body Types

Types of Wedding Gown Designs Suitable and Unsuitable For Your Body Types

Imagine walking down the aisle in a gorgeous wedding gown…

Oh wait. Let me rephrase that. Imagine walking down the aisle while looking absolutely radiant. All eyes are naturally on you because your beauty is too striking to ignore.

While having the right make up is important to highlight your features, the factor that captures people’s attention is your wedding gown! That’s right, choosing the right wedding gown makes a huge difference! It is also the most exciting part of your wedding. Well, for most brides 😉

However, the journey isn’t all about choosing the most beautiful wedding gown. It is about choosing a design that fits you! If the wedding gown doesn’t complement your features, then chances are your limelight will be overshadowed by the wedding gown. Your peers will only talk about how gorgeous it is and not how gorgeous it is on you!

It is no wonder most brides usually have a headache when they choose their wedding gowns. Today, we make things easier for you by explaining the types of wedding gowns designs suitable and unsuitable for your body types and why.

For your easy reference, as a start, you need to determine what body type you belong to.

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Wedding Gown Designs Suitable and Unsuitable For Your Body Types #1 : Hour-Glass Body Type

The ideal body type which every woman, not only brides, desire! This has been defined as the perfect body type, with reasonably well-endowed chest, tiny waist (usually 24”) and reasonably wide hips that are in proportion with the width of shoulders.

Brides with such body type can pull off most looks effortlessly! Lucky you 😉

Do consider : A mermaid wedding gown is a slim, tapered, body-hugging gown which follows the line closely of the hips and thighs, and usually flares out below the knee. There are also different  heights of the flare whereby he flare features start from the mid-hip or thigh or lower at the knees. If you think you might struggle walking in a mermaid gown, you should consider choosing one which flares from the thigh or mid-hip so that you have bigger leg space!

Mermaid Wedding Gowns

Mermaid Wedding Gowns

One advantage of mermaid wedding gowns is that you can easily match with any necklines, especially a strapless and illusion neckline.

Try avoiding : There isn’t many cuts you can avoid! You would most likely look good in any design! However, the one thing to note is the body proportion. There are brides with an hour glass figure and a shorter torso. Such body shape will not look good in mermaid cuts as it emphasizes the short waistline!

Wedding Gown Designs Suitable and Unsuitable For Your Body Types #2 : Pear-shape Body Type

You are probably known as the bride with that enviable ‘booty’. Sorry for the lack of better word but hey! It is an asset not every bride has. In fact, there are many girls out there doing squats just to have a perky butt. But you don’t even need to try too hard to get one.

You are also known as the bride with that mini waistline (some Koreans call it the ant waist). People will die to have your waistline! The only struggle you might have is finding a design that fits your waist and your hips. Usually, the clothes that fit snuggly on your waistline will be a little tighter on your hips. Vice versa.

Having a pear shape body type is relatively easy to match with most wedding gown cuts! It also boils down to what you are most confident about and how you want to balance your body shape.

Do consider : For pear-shape body type, you may consider ball gown or empire-waist wedding gown designs which help to disguise your fuller hips. If you are of a smaller built, slim but with pear-shape body type, you can consider A-line wedding gown designs. They might be similar to the ball wedding gown sisters, but the only difference is the volume of the skirt! The magic of A line wedding gowns is the softness of the skirt, resulting in an elegant look without totally eliminating the princess effect.

More Designs On Upper BodyTry avoiding: Brides with a pear shape body can consider mermaid cuts as well! However, the most important thing to note is the wideness of the hips! If the ratio of your waist to the hips is 1 to 2.5, then mermaid cuts will magnify your hips, resulting in an unbalanced look. .

Wedding Gown Designs Suitable and Unsuitable For Your Body Types #3 : Rectangular Body Type  

The most obvious method to see if you belong to the rectangular body type is by checking your waist. Is it defined? Is it more like a straight line from your bust to your hips? If yes, then you have a rectangular body type!

But not to worry, you do have those womanly curves but they are just less defined and obvious. Plus, most runway models (think of Adriana Lima and Karlie Kloss) have such figures 😉 Hence, what you need to bear in mind when choosing your wedding gowns is to opt for one which maximises your curves!

Do consider : The easiest and perhaps only method to magically ‘create’ more curves is to have a more defined waist. This means that a ball gown, A-line or empire-waist wedding gown designs are your best choices! On top of that, you should consider opting for a corset-type bodice as they are able to ‘tighten’ your waist further more creating greater definition, just ensure that you are comfortable and able to breathe!

Wedding Ball Gowns

Wedding Ball Gowns

Try avoiding : Sheath wedding gowns as they are less body-hugging and has a straighter cutting. This will make your body shape even more ‘box-y’.

Before choosing your wedding gowns, it is good to know what body type you have so that you know what assets to flaunt and what flaws to conceal. Besides, your bridal consultant will always be there to assist!

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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