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Uncover 3 Real Reasons Why Wedding Photography Is Still A Must-have Among Couples

Uncover 3 Real Reasons Why Wedding Photography Is Still A Must-have Among Couples

As you approach your wedding day, you will typically begin to keep a long to-do-list that includes lunch & dinner menus, decorations, guest invitations, outfits, etc.

There is however, one special item that most couples feel that they have to do: Wedding photography!

Through the right amount of planning and preparation, professional photographers can help romantic brides and grooms create a spectacular visual experience that will endure the test of time.

We have summed up 4 reasons why we think wedding photography may be as indispensable as your wedding outfit.

Real Reasons Why Wedding Photography Is Still A Must-have #1: Photographing Yourselves In your Wedding Outfits

You might have already planned the dream wedding. But, wouldn’t it be wonderful to capture the both of you looking at your blissful best? Most couples have come to us saying that they don’t need these wedding photos, since there will be photography on their wedding day anyway.

While that is true…but with all the rush on your big day, it is almost impossible to capture spectacular shots with you looking at your finest! That’s why we recommend newly engaged couples to adorn their wedding outfits through pre wedding photography.

With the right use of lighting arrangements, angles, and scenery, you can really get quality images with no rush!  

Plus, it isn’t every time that you get to wear your wedding gown, while your partner looks absolutely dashing in his suit! So why not give it a shot?

Real Reasons Why Wedding Photography Is Still A Must-have #2: Immortalise the Times Before Your Wedding

Now that you have decided to bring your relationship to the next level, this will be your last time together as singles! So why not celebrate this over a fun wedding photography session?  This will be the perfect opportunity for you to break away from the overwhelming wedding tasks and preparations. You don’t need to worry about what needs to be done, if you have a professional wedding photographer on board.

Unsure of how to pose or where the ideal spot should be? Let your wedding photographer ease your mind and guide you throughout the photography process! In return, you will have a set of beautiful wedding photos.

At the end of it all, you can always count on the precious wedding album when your partner is away on a long business trip or for show-and-tell with your future kids. So, go on and produce those images that will last a lifetime, you certainly won’t regret it!

Additionally, consider securing a romantic venue that has left a significant impact in your lives, for a more personal touch. Honest sentimentality is usually the answer;)

Wedding Photography Reason #3: Freedom of Imagination With Interesting Concepts

Over the years, there has been countless fascinating, imaginative and wacky wedding photography ideas. The sky really is the limit when it comes down to planning your photo shoot!

Treat this as a chance to become anything you and your partner want to be.

Wish to ride a horse? You may consider taking wedding photos at the Gallop Stable located at Punggol (although, it is good to check the inclusive fee!).

Looking to spend a tranquil day at the park? Then lay out a picnic setting (with the right props, both edible and not!).

Planning to dress lavishly and looking your most glamorous? Feel free to go all out with swanky outfits and bold makeup!

Try anything you desire, especially if it is something you can’t do on a daily basis!

However, it is important to relax throughout the shoot! After all, the best moments are the natural expressions of tenderness and love between lovers.  Wedding photographers usually capture candid off-guard moments that turn out to be “key shots”!

The bottom-line is to remember to have loads of fun with your partner throughout the photo shoot process. After all, a wedding is meant to be a deeply fulfilling occasion to celebrate your beautiful relationship. Wouldn’t you agree?

What are your favourite things about wedding photography and what do they mean to you? Share with us!

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