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Uncovering 13 Way To Have Fun When Selecting Your Wedding Gown!

Uncovering 13 Way To Have Fun When Selecting Your Wedding Gown!

Selecting your wedding gown can be a nerve-wrecking process! But that doesn’t mean that brides can’t have fun while they’re choosing their dream outfit! In celebration of La Belle’s 13th anniversary (yes, we’re officially a teenager) , we have rounded up 13 insightful ways to bring some fun to the task of gown-selection.  


Fun Way 1: Experiment with Make-up While Selecting Your Wedding Gown


Why not doll yourself up for your wedding gown selection appointment? Through trial & error, you will have a better idea of the ideal style for your big day. If there is a time for hits and misses in bridal make-up – it is definitely during the fitting process.

Plus, it feels good to look good! So why not? 

Fun Way 2: Strut, Sashay And Own Your Walk!


Every bride wishes to sashay down the aisle in majestic splendour. The truth is, you may not get the walk right on the first try. Experiment with different pairs of heels as you select your wedding gowns.


Given that most bridal gowns are pretty heavy, it is best to go for heels that are 3 inches high and aren’t too thin. The last thing you would want is to fall flat on your face. That’s a big no-no for anyone!


Fun Way 3: Have Friendly Conversations With Your Wedding Specialist!



Choosing a wedding gown can be daunting, but it doesn’t mean it should be serious. So keep the selection light-hearted by befriending your wedding specialist!


Your wedding specialist is here to help you, but it is important to treat them with kindness! On top of knowing what bridal dress design to go for, take this chance to get to know them better.


That way, the whole wedding gown selection process would be fun! Ask questions that encourage painfully honest answers, such as “does this bodice make me look fat?, “Does it seem like the fabric is swallowing me whole?” You will receive constructive feedback while enjoying a meaningful conversation. Win-win!

Fun Way 4: Get Your Groom “Involved”

This really depends on how sporty your partner is. If he is game (and if the bridal boutique allows it), get him to try some bridal gowns for himself! It will be humorous and he will be sure to salute your passion for fashion if he succeeds in zipping himself into a gown!

Plus, he would totally understand how it feels like to walk down the aisle in a heavy wedding gown!

Fun Ways 5: Role-play With Your Groom

Enact the major scenes in your wedding with your partner while you’re trying each wedding gown and see which design “calls out to you”. Never underestimate your instincts! Add a veil for greater realism.  

Fun Ways 6: Dance In Your Wedding Dress!


This sounds outrageous but try it! Many wedding gowns offer amazing looks fit for a princess. So go all out, dance and do a twirl like one of those Disney princesses. Dancing may also calm the nerves and release some of the tension from your wedding prep. 

Fun Ways #7 Bathe In The Mood When Selecting Your Wedding Gown

You’re about to get married! It should be a fabulous feeling (though a little overwhelming, so remember to breathe!). Trying the gown takes you one step closer to your romantic milestone. 

With each tested gown, feel the fabric against your body, admire the design, look at yourself in the mirror and realise it is not just an illusion!  This is truly the moment you have been waiting for!

Fun Ways #8: Bring A Girlfriend Or Two Who Can Help Reduce Your Stress!



Round up your closest and most vivacious gal pals and have them tag along for your gown selection. You would naturally engage in banter, as they share advice and make it all the more easier!

However, it is advisable to bring friends who truly understand you, and aren’t there to usurp your limelight. They should know what you like, advise accordingly, and not boss the wedding specialist around.

Fun Ways 9: Who Wore It Better?

Try emulating the look of celebrities, characters or style icons. Strike the same pose as them, snap a photo and make a side-by-side comparison of your images. The journey of recreating the desired look would be extremely fulfilling. 

You can even ask your friends to grade the likeness just for the fun of it!

Fun Ways 10: Break Free From What Makes You Comfortable!

The best thing about bridal gown selection is that anything goes because you’re still undecided! This grants you the perfect opportunity to try on the bolder styles that you’d usually avoid. Perhaps you’d like to give that plunging neckline or bareback design a chance – who knows, they might just fit you like a glove!

Fun Way 11: Pose, Pose & More Posing For The Camera!

Wedding photography is a major hallmark of your big day. Why not start practicing your poses while you’re selecting your gown? If you’re spoilt with gown options, consider going with a design that complements the most poses!

Fun Ways 12: Don’t Be Bothered About Sizing When You Are Selecting Your Wedding Gown!

Because of media, you may think that having the smallest clothing size is the way to go! Most Off The Rack wedding gowns are designed to be “one size fits all”. This means they have to be altered in some way or another.

So, don’t be too caught up with the sizes and just focus on ensuring that the wedding gown complements you in the right places!

Fun Way 13:Smile And Just Enjoy The Process Of Being Treated Like A Princess!

Ultimately, a wedding is a magnificent celebration and gown-testing is a special part of the process. So, chin up, chest out and smile! You’re one of the luckiest people on Earth. Sure, it can get troublesome and tiring to try multiple gowns but hey, it’s going to be all worth it when you look back on your spectacular big day. 


Ready to select the perfect gown? How will you make the best out of the gown selection process? We’re always interested in hearing from you!

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services! 

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