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Uncovering The Common Questions Brides Ask About Wedding Gowns Part II

Uncovering The Common Questions Brides Ask About Wedding Gowns Part II

If you have been reading our blog, you would have learnt of a few common questions brides ask when choosing gowns! Naturally, questions are a part of a wedding and you only ask wedding related questions to ensure you are on the right path! As there are just too many overwhelming questions a bride can have, we decided to come up with part 2 to answer all the questions related to wedding gowns!

Common Questions Brides Ask About Wedding Gowns #1 : Is It A Must To Wear White Wedding Gowns?

Have you ever wondered how white wedding gowns came about? The colour symbolises different meanings in different countries and cultures. For example, in ancient Greece, white was the colour of bridal joy while in China, white symbolises purity and perfection. In fact, did you know that Queen Victoria was the reason why the white wedding gown rose to fame? She was the first princess to don a white wedding gown (her predecessors and relatives only wore red bridal gowns)?

White Wedding Gowns

Common Questions Brides Ask About Wedding Gowns : White Wedding Gowns

However, that being said, there is nothing stopping you from wearing other coloured wedding gowns! If you are holding a holy matrimony church wedding, maybe it is a little difficult to skip the white wedding gown. Otherwise, if you are not a fan of the white wedding gowns, then why restrict yourself to that? Be bold and opt for other colours for your wedding gown!

Wedding Gown Colours

Common Questions Brides Ask About Wedding Gowns : Wedding Gown Colours

One of the factors to consider when choosing your wedding gown colour is your skin undertone. For example, brides with warm skin undertone should consider off white (almost like ivory) wedding gowns instead of the traditional classic white wedding gowns. This is because wearing a white wedding gown against your fair skin can make you look washed out in your wedding photographs. Plus, your white wedding gown will not stand out as much either.

This is more applicable to most Asians as the majority have a warmer skin undertone as compared the Western counterparts (not a boohoo though!).

Common Questions Brides Ask About Wedding Gowns #2 : Will I Be Able To Walk Comfortably In This Wedding Gown?

One of the brides’ greatest fear is walking awkwardly in her wedding gown. To make things worse, your uneasiness will reflect on your facial expression. Worse still, falling flat on your face is definitely every bride’s nightmare!

Although most of the wedding gowns can be altered to fit you, the length of the wedding gowns are not touched at all. There are many reasons behind this. For example, if the hem of your wedding gowns is made with lace trimmings, it is impossible to alter because it will destroy the whole design.

Not to worry, there’re ways to reduce that unnecessary stress! Firstly, start by checking on the length of the wedding gown and the height of your wedding heels. If you can, you can bring a few pair of heels to test the height of the heels and know what would be more suitable. If your wedding gown has a long train, then you might need to opt for heels that are higher so that you won’t look too overwhelmed! On the other hand, if you are wearing a wedding dress with a short train, then a pair of heels with a shorter height would be better to avoid revealing too much of your feet.

Of course…you should pick something you are comfortable in (or invest in heels that are of a better quality). You don’t want to be holding onto the groom’s arm for dear life or tripping over a spiky heel caught in your wedding gown the whole wedding day.

Another consideration you should take into account when choosing your wedding gown is the cutting and style. For example, a wedding ball gown will have more leg space compared to a body-hugging mermaid wedding gown.

Mermaid Wedding Gowns

Common Questions Brides Ask About Wedding Gowns: Mermaid Wedding Gowns

Common Questions Brides Ask About Wedding Gowns #3 : What If I Won’t Be Able To Fit The Wedding Gown On My Wedding Day?

Fearing of not being able to fit into your wedding gown can almost feel like the end of the world for a bride-to be! You may most probably feel fat and ugly, and your self-confidence suddenly comes crashing down…and with all that stress from your wedding planning, you become the most upset bride-to-be ever.

But fret not! We are here to help!

When choosing your wedding gowns, there will usually be two fitting sessions. The session closest to your wedding day which will usually be scheduled a week before your big day is the more important session! Because, how much weight can you gain within a week right?

We’d say, negligible.

On a side note, most brides do not consider the actions and positions they have to be in on their wedding day. For example, you will need to consider if you are able to bend/kneel/sit in your wedding gown for tea ceremony/dining purposes. There will need to be some breathing space as well, otherwise you will feel suffocated throughout the day.


We have shared some of the most common questions brides ask about wedding gowns and hope that they were useful to you. Were there any other concerns you had in mind when you were choosing yours? Do share with us!

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