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Understanding Vintage Weddings

Understanding Vintage Weddings

There is a saying that goes, “old is gold.” The statement is an apt description of the phenomenon known as vintage weddings. The main appeal of vintage weddings is not so much the classic aesthetics, but its symbolism. From choosing a vintage wedding gown to selecting a historic location for wedding photography, every effort represents love’s timelessness. 


Contrary to popular belief, vintage weddings do not suggest borrowing style ideas from any random period before the present. No, this simply will not do. When a specialist refers to a vintage line of wedding gowns, she really means any fashion from the roaring ’20s right up to the 1970s. 


So buckle up, get comfy and let La Belle Couture take you down memory lane (sort of) to understand what vintage weddings are and if they’re right for you. 

Vintage Weddings – Bridal Gowns

It shouldn’t be a surprise that we’re diving straight down to the number one thing on a bride’s mind – her wedding gown. Fashion is always changing, according to the fads and spirit of the times. Modern brides love pushing fashion boundaries, but what if you’re an old soul who adores the sequins, frills, and laces from breathtaking period TV programs? Consider vintage gowns! 


Speak with a bridal wear specialist (ahem, like La Belle Couture) to share your vision of the desired look, and discuss how you can turn it into a reality. Which era are you attempting to emulate? What colours and patterns were popular back in the day? Bespoke wedding gowns give you the freedom to play with various elements and even create a modern-vintage hybrid if you want something uniquely spectacular. 


Vintage Weddings – Venues Frozen in Time

Wedding photography lets couples immortalise their love – that’s what being vintage is all about. When selecting a shoot location for vintage weddings, try to pick a venue that stays unchanged over the years. Iconic landmarks like CHIJMEs, the National Gallery, and Fort Canning Park are famous because of their timeless charm.

Words don’t do justice to the special blissful feeling you get when you’re posing in front of a monument like generations of brides before you. Visit those places before your shoot, imagine yourself in your wedding gown, soak up the atmosphere, and you’ll know what we mean!

Vintage Weddings – Guest Dress Style Etiquette

We cannot stop stressing how essential guests are at a wedding. The right crowd will amplify the romantic celebration for your classy affair. Couples should consider strict dress codes for their big day to complement the theme of their vintage event. 


Couples should inform guests to avoid overly casual get-ups such as T-shirts and jeans, Bermudas, or anything that screams lazy weekend or disrupts the fantasy. Weddings from the past thrived in environments of properness, style, elegance, and grace. By including a suitable dress code in your invitation, you can help guests ease into the atmosphere and not stick out like a sore thumb. 




Vintage weddings are truly memorable and mesmeric masterpieces with the right planning. It should not be for you to feel like you’re the main attraction at a fancy dress party. So, take your time to carefully plan the mood, style, and decor of your vintage love affair, and you’ll witness an emotional experience, unlike any other. 


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