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Unspoken Wedding Guests Dress Rules

Unspoken Wedding Guests Dress Rules

Wedding guests have the right to wear anything they fancy (as long as they fit the stipulated dress code). However, with that said, there are hits and misses in the grand scheme of things! There are universal fashion practices and traditional conventions that exist. While it isn’t to say that you can’t flout these “rules,” and everyone has their own set of experiences and preferences, it’s essential to show some respect to the lucky couples. 

La Belle Couture looks at some unspoken rules in guests’ outfits that complement the mood and makes for excellent wedding photography

Unspoken Wedding Guests Dress Rules #1: Avoid Denim 

When it comes to the hierarchy of dress codes, there’s formal, casual, and then there’s denim. Denim is what farmers historically wore when they tended to the fields and fed the cattle. It’s a fabric for rough work and other manual and mundane tasks (regardless of the brand), not for showing up to support a milestone romantic event. 

While many modern wedding guests go ahead with denim anyway, it’s a traditional no-no. If you’re attending a casual wedding event, anything goes except denim. If anything, you don’t want to appear as if you tossed on the most comfortable outfit in your wardrobe without any thought placed into it. Imagine posing next to the bride in her gorgeous wedding gown, dressed in denim – a nerve-wracking thought!

Unspoken Wedding Guests Dress Rules #2: Never Outshine the Bride (and Groom)

No outshining the bride” is perhaps a cardinal rule in the history of wedding celebrations. The blessed couple is the event’s VIPs, and no good-willed guest should draw attention away from the hosts! We understand that the term “outshine” may differ among individuals, but what we mean is the general idea of distracting other guests at the event. 

For example, if the bride wears a simple chic wedding gown design, you don’t want to pile on the fabric to look like a 19th-century princess. If the bride has few or zero accessories, it’s best not to deck your outfit with trinkets like you’re preparing for a fashion parade. 

Outshining the bride may not necessarily mean that you look better, per se, but enough to steal some eyeballs from other attendees, which is bad enough! 

Unspoken Wedding Guests Dress Rules #3: Avoid Dressing like the Bridesmaid or Groomsmen

Groomsmen and bridesmaids are like the second-in-command at the wedding. Guests should avoid dressing like them to prevent irrelevant questions (, how did you guys film that special scene in the montage?) from other guests. Also, let’s not ignore how awkward it will be. Imagine older attendees glancing at your direction and wondering why you’re not proactive like the rest of the bridal entourage. 

If possible, find out what the bridesmaids and groomsmen are wearing on the big day. Avoid the style (even if it’s similar because shadows and angles aren’t empathetic) and save yourself from a facepalm buffet. 

Unspoken Wedding Guests Dress Rules #4: Black Shouldn’t be a Priority

Yes, modern folks are less superstitious than their forebears. Still, black is a shade with a somewhat ominous feel – it’s symbolic of despair, mystery, evil, and other non-wedding associations. We’re not saying that guests should avoid black at all costs; it’s just that it shouldn’t be a priority. And it’s okay to incorporate black undertones in your attire – just not an all-black ensemble. 

If you’re opting for an LBD (little black dress) or something similarly Hepburn-esque, add a sash or some jewellery to tone down the shade to look tres chic. But please remember rule #2!


The fashion list could go on and on. There are many unspoken dressing rules, but a wedding shouldn’t be a restrictive celebration, so we’re stopping with the top 4. For the best wedding experience (for everyone), perhaps you could inform the couple about what you’ve decided to wear for the event. However, you don’t need to bore the busy couple with details if you plan to don a “safe” outfit (i.e., monotone beige dress with ballet flats). 

Above all else, have fun, bask in the joyous mood, and make it a pleasantly memorable affair!

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