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Unveiling 3 Popular Wedding Makeup Styles To Match Your Preferred Look!

Unveiling 3 Popular Wedding Makeup Styles to Match Your Preferred Look!

On top of choosing the perfect wedding gown, wedding makeup styles are as equally important. 

The suitable make up look is all in the techniques that can help elevate your face, colours that complement your skin tone about picking the technique and the style you want to go for. Most importantly, the style should be an extension of your personality to match your wedding gown and bridal theme!

In this article, we will be unveiling 3 popular wedding makeup looks and the wedding gown styles that will complement them. 

Wedding Makeup Style #1: The Bright-eyed Princess

As they say, the eyes are the windows of your soul. For the bright-eyed princess look, it is all about how you can accentuate that!

Usually, neutral to pink palettes are used for the eyeshadow for a sweet touch. Instead of using jet black eyeliner, darker shades are used to line the eyes to soften the look while widening the eyes. You can create depth on your face by lightly dusting shimmering powder (preferably in fine particles) along the inner corners of your eyes and nose bridge. 

With the attention on the eyes, it is best to stick to a nude or petal pink lipstick to complement the light foundation for this natural look.   

Wedding gowns that match this look:

Ball gowns from La Belle’s Parisian range will provide the perfect outfit for your princess get-up. Achieve the look of  a classic dreamy beauty with flowing trains and a body-flattering bodice while showing off your slender shoulders. 

Wedding Makeup Style #2: Classic Glamorous 

Source: Cynderella

The classic beauty is confident, and she knows it, so she shows it.  

This style is perfect for brides who wish to immediately capture everyone’s attention! This means bold colours, strong contouring and everything outstanding (without any contrast, of course!). Usually, darker shades are used to lend definition to the eyes, including the under eye area.

Use a lip pencil to outline a flawless pair of full lips before filling out with a bold red or pink lipstick.  You will look sultry but sophisticated in your wedding gown with this timeless style.

Wedding gowns that match this look:

For such a bold look, it would be an absolute shame to go down the safe route! Pick a gown with lighter fabric options so you remain the main focus  as you own the aisle. Open and keyhole back gowns are a plus in exuding your confidence. 

Wedding Makeup Style #3: Natural Beauty Is What We All Want!

The “no makeup” look actually involves makeup, but the trick lies in bringing out the natural glow of your skin without heavy palettes or thick foundations. Brides who opt for this look may rarely use makeup and are uncomfortable with too much being applied onto their faces. 

Stick to cream makeup products (instead of powder) as it allows you to effectively blend the product with your fingers to match your natural skin tone. You will glow with health and confidence with “no makeup look”, just as nature intended!

Wedding gowns that match this look:

Opt for a gown that is thin and lightweight. The aim is to look natural and comfortable in your own skin as you celebrate your big day. Avoid loud designs such as thick laces and embroidery, stick to simple appliques for a nice touch of style.  

Of course, having the perfect wedding makeup isn’t just about makeup itself. In order to make it last, it is important to put moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated. That way, the make up will be able to last longer, and your skin would look more supple. 

Also, it is advisable to hold a trial with your makeup artist (if you have hired one), so that you have an idea of the style you prefer (and looks good on you!). 


Regardless of your preferred makeup style, always remember to stay true to yourself!  When you look back at your wedding photography shots, you can proudly share that it was one of the most amazing times in your life.  

Are there other makeup styles that have inspired you? Perhaps something retro or avant-garde? We are interested in what you think, let us know!

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services! 

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