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Unveiling 4 Wedding Dress Features That Will Transform You Into A Fashion Icon

Unveiling 4 Wedding Dress Features That Will Transform You Into A Fashion Icon

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While not every bride has a great bosom, there are quite a fair bit of brides (from La Belle Couture) who are blessed with those assets. However, most Asians tend to be more conservative than their Western counterparts when it comes down to their wedding dress.

In fact, most busty brides tend to have the same following questions thrown at them, such as:

  1. You have such great assets! Why don’t want to flaunt them ah?
  2. Your cleavage is so nice! Wear lower cut la. Nicer what.
  3. Why want to hide your assets? So wasted.

I know what you are nodding to this (if you are a busty bride). Deep down inside, the wedding gown isn’t always about flaunting your assets! Truthfully, it doesn’t mean that you cannot still look classy in your wedding gowns just because you are covering up more skin. Here are a handful of classy wedding gowns designs to show how you can still look sophisticated without revealing too much!

Classy Wedding Dress Design #1: Long Sleeves

Wedding inspiration

The very first wedding gown design which comes to mind is a long-sleeved wedding gown. It need not look boring if you choose one which has beautiful intricate details such as lace or embellishments. In addition, you may also consider spicing things up by choosing a body-hugging design. This includes the mermaid silhouette which essentially flaunts your hour-glass figure! In that case, you can still look classy without having to reveal too much!

Classy Wedding Dress Design #2: Mandarin Collar

la belle couture

Mandarin-collared wedding gowns are quite the teasers. They are often designed with lace or mesh at the upper chest all the way to the mandarin collar at the neck. Thus, it does a little peekaboo but yet does not reveal too much skin. To avoid looking too oriental, we suggest considering selecting other colours such as white. White is also the colour that is often linked with classiness.

To bring up the level of elegance, we say bun up your hair and accessorize with a beautiful hair accessory such as a tiara! In that way, the intricate details of the lace or mesh can be clearly seen without being covered by your hair.

Classy Wedding Dress Design #3: Off-Shoulder Details

wedding gown details

Off-shoulder wedding gowns have also grown to be one of the popular choices of brides when choosing the perfect wedding gown. Revealing the shoulders can be classy and sexy at the same time. This is because the collarbone is known to be one of the most alluring parts of a woman. Plus, the off-shoulder details of wedding gowns offer a slimming effect on your arms. To bring out the beauty of such wedding gown designs, be sure to not wear necklaces that are too chunky. Otherwise, it will ruin the overall effect of that dainty look!

Classy Wedding Dress Design #4: Illusion Backline

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Instead of revealing too much at the front of the wedding gown, why not reveal your back with an illusion back? Although many might advise that you need to have a flawless back, that is only true…to a certain extent. Never mind if you don’t have a blemish-free back! You can conceal them with a nude mesh with gorgeous embroidery designs. In this way, you can look equally classy too in your wedding gowns too!




There you go! Now, you have four classy wedding gowns that will up your class game and definitely bring out your elegant bride in you. You don’t have to worry about revealing too much if you are surrounded with the right classy wedding gowns (although this is quite subjective hmm). Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that other wedding gown designs are less classy. If you feel that there are other classy wedding gowns that aren’t listed here, then share with us!

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