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Unveiling Exclusive Tips On How To Maintain A Radiant Complexion That Are Curated By Well Known Spa Boutique, My Cozy Room!

Unveiling Exclusive Tips On How To Maintain A Radiant Complexion That Are Curated By Well Known Spa Boutique, My Cozy Room!

To most brides, one of the most outstanding and important factor is the wedding gown. Of course, the bride prioritises her wedding gown because she is the one who is wearing it. One wrong move and everybody will be talking about how horrible she looked in her wedding gown.

On the other hand, grooms find or may find the wedding gown important too! Not merely because she has to look beautiful in her wedding gown (she probably already the most beautiful person in his eyes), but…because they just can’t be sitting and doing while nothing, while his bride tries on several wedding gowns. In other words, the wedding gown is important to them as they want their brides to be confident, plus happy, and hope that his bride can find her dream wedding gown within a short period of time!

However, there are other things that are of great importance, aside wedding gowns! One of the bride’s (and sometimes the groom’s biggest fear) is to have a bad complexion on the important dates, such as their pre wedding shoot, ROM (if they are having it separately from the wedding), and last but not the least…THE WEDDING!

Hence, La Belle Couture decided to interview Celine, Director of My Cozy Room! My Cozy Room has many accolades under its belt and has helped several people (including brides and grooms) in terms of the facial complexion and body relaxation! Read on to find out how you can counter any obstacle pertaining to complexion and how you can be one step closer towards a glow under your skin.

What are the bride’s biggest concerns?

I think one of the biggest concerns for brides is how to keep their complexion clear and radiant for the many events leading up to the big day, such as the pre-wedding and engagement photo shoots. Most importantly, they want to ensure that they are able to look their best for real life events when they have to mingle with guests as those occasions do not allow for digital enhancement and make up might not be able to conceal every single imperfections

Breaking out is the last thing that brides would want to go through! Tell us the dos and don’ts!

Breakouts are inevitable as couples usually invest long hours into planning the wedding. Additionally, coupled with the daily stress of their career, it’s almost impossible for the stress not to take a toll on the body.

Do: Maintain a good skincare regime and try to start going for regular facials if possible.

Don’t: Try not to do anything drastic to the skin in this period of time, especially changing the entire range of skincare or makeup products. Do not squeeze your own pimples or allow your spouse to extract them for you although it may seem romantic to be vulnerable with your insecurities! (Laughs)

Instead of using chemical-based product, opt for natural alternatives, as this will lessen the risk of irritations


What are the main factors that contribute to bad skin?

Lifestyle choices and diet.

A diet that consists of too much heaty food may cause bad skin. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes heaty food to not only be the choices of food you eat but also the way it is prepared. For example, chicken is neutral but if you choose to grill or deep-fry, it would be considered as heaty.

Additionally, don’t be overly excessive with your skin care regimen such as trying different types of masks daily and experimenting with new skincare products, especially those which are of lower-end as we all know most people are into buying skincare off online stores these days. I am not saying that lower end products (which are not of natural origin or medical grade) are not good but these products could potentially include a host of irritating or filler ingredients. So it is important to know that everything in moderation is key!

How should a bride take care of her skin before her wedding?

The skin sheds a layer of dead skin cells every 24 hours and renews itself about every 28 days. Therefore, it is optimal to start doing facials every 3 weeks. As for home care, is it advisable to do a natural scrub on a weekly basis. Natural ingredients scrubs like sugar are more gentle and less abrasive as they do not contain silica and plastic beads unlike most commercial scrubs, which are harsh and will aggravate acne skin.

Regular moisturizing of skin is very important too. Many brides have oily skin and think that they do not need to moisturize it anymore as it will make it oilier. However, this is not the case as the skin will produce more oil and sebum when it lacks proper moisture, causing acne and bad skin in return.
Regular bed sheet (in particular, pillow case) change will be helpful especially when you have oily skin or if you realize that only one side of the face is more prone to pimples. Try to apply hair treatment like hair oil in the day instead of night as it is not advisable to do so prior to bedtime – it might not have been completely absorbed and thus it will get in contact with your face.

Also, I would advise those severe acne sufferers to seek professional advice instead of self-treating.

We all know that the main focus of the wedding is how the bride looks, and frankly it takes a lot of effort to look effortlessly radiant! Do you think it is possible to achieve that within a short span of time (e.g 6 months)?

Let me start off by saying that there are no shortcuts in life to beauty. It is crucial to invest ample time and effort into your skin with home care, lifestyle, diet and facials if you want beautiful skin. 6 months is ample time with regular facial treatments as it allows the skin professionals to thoroughly deep cleanse your face, but of course the sooner, the better!
A professional skin doctor may be able to transform your skin in such a short span of time, however, it is not advisable as it can be more invasive. I would advise against getting a quick fix as there are always downsides to them so it is best not to risk it. For example, a laser or peel treatment may be able to give you instant smoothness but your skin will become more prone to sensitivity, pigmentation and even become thinner over time etc.
I would suggest you to try to make beauty a habitual thing and even learn to embrace the process as it can be a total stress-reliever to indulge in a thorough cleansing process, skincare and relaxing facial massage at the end of a long day. You can then kill two birds with one stone – holistic overall wellbeing and results assurance!

On the other hand, we can attribute bad skin to poor lymphatic drainage as toxins can purge out on the skin causing acne and congestion. A full body lymphatic massage can be good to detoxify the whole body and skin. Diet is also a big factor in determining your skin condition. Try to eat more fruits and food rich in omega-3, collagen and antioxidants.


Pamper yourself at My Cozy Room With Their Range Therapeutic Services!

Given Singapore’s hectic schedule, it is a luxury to get proper sleep. How would you assist brides who have difficulty achieving the above?

Prioritise your plans, activities and errands and go for an occasional massage to relieve and ease discomfort on tensed muscles so you are able to sleep better! An hour or two of quality rest during the massage will rejuvenate your weary mind and body.

Do light exercises such as stretching and yoga frequently. Always remember to set aside some time to pamper yourself amidst the hectic schedule as a well-rested mind and body will definitely make you more productive too!

Other than that, diet also plays an important role.

Make up is part and parcel of a wedding. How should a bride ensure that she doesn’t have clogged pores or a massive breakout after a long day of heavy make up?


A well-prepped skin prior to make up is extremely crucial. Most make-up artists won’t be applying skincare for the clients, so it is important to ensure that you have applied all the steps of skincare from toner to sunblock before the make-up process. The skincare will double as a form barrier from the heavy-duty make up and environmental aggressors.

A good sunblock (on its own) with high SPF content is also needed as most photo shoots are done outdoors. Even if the photoshoot is done indoors, the harsh studio lightings will also negatively affect the skin. It is important to note that make-up products with SPF protection do not double up as a sunscreen as it does not provide enough coverage like a proper sunblock.

You may also choose to get make-up ampoules to help with the longevity of your make-up and make it look natural and fresh throughout the long hours of events. It is best to splurge a bit more on quality ones even though ampoules in the glass bottles might look the same to all but there are stark differences in the quality and ingredients so please be more discerning and aware when choosing!
It is also wise to request for a new sponge or bring your own clean make up tools for sanitary purposes, as most make-up artists tend to use the same sponge on multiple clients.

A proper cleansing procedure which consist of double cleansing will also help your skin to stay clear of blemishes and congestion. It is important to do a proper cleansing after getting home from events as the studio make up is usually thick and if not cleansed properly, it will result in clogged pores leading to bad skin.

Use a toner to gently swipe your face after cleansing to ensure that there is no residual make up left. If there is, use a light milk cleanser to wash again but try not to over-wash your face too as it might dry out your skin, so it is best to make sure that a good cleansing is done in one sitting. Use a separate eye make up remover for your point make up such as eyes and lips to remove dark pigments and shimmer. It is also best to keep the removal process within the orbital eye area before proceeding to the entire face as breakouts might occur when it is spread across the face.

Share with us an interesting story you have experienced with a bride or groom! Do you see more grooms (or men in general) more concerned over their wellbeing?

The groom will usually do both bacials (facial for the back) and facials even though they are not the one who is required to bare their back in a sexy wedding dress! We also have instances where we see the men being even more enthusiastic and concerned about their face more than their brides, to the extent they are able educate the bride as though they are part of my consulting team! The grooms can also be more narcissistic than the brides as they will want to purchase more products to ensure that their skin is in tip-top condition.

What kind of therapy would you suggest if a couple is going under a lot of tension from the wedding? Share with us some couple activities that you think will help them tide through the wedding preparation?

As therapists working in this industry, we get to deal with a lot of couples undergoing the wedding preparation process so we are able to provide tips based on other couples’ experiences as to how they deal with tension and adversities. We will try to find out the root of their stress and advise them wherever possible. There are instances where we gave away some bridal magazines to aid them in the planning process and ideas.

Some couple activities I would suggest are to go for a nice couple therapeutic massage to relax and also go for the bridal roadshows to get more ideas and concepts.

Most importantly, treat all your wedding preparations as a journey as a beginning of making decisions, planning together and facing challenges that arise along the way as a couple. It should not be seen as a stress or adding on burdens to each other. This process of getting towards your BIG day should be a blissful and memorable one, which will become a significant part of your milestones in life.


Yours Sincerely,

Celine Chan


Director of My Cozy Room Boutique Spa

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