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The Perfect Wedding Gown Isn’t Always About The Silhouette. Unveiling The Top 3 Wedding Gown Necklines And How They Accentuate You Best!

The Perfect Wedding Gown Isn’t Always About The Silhouette. Unveiling The Top 3 Wedding Gown Necklines And How They Accentuate You Best!

If you’re a bride-to-be, we’re guessing that you are probably overwhelmed by the amount of choices you have to make to select your perfect wedding dress. The truth is, there are many factors that affect the hunt for the perfect wedding dress. It isn’t just about the wedding gown silhouette, but the details, too, make a difference. For today, we will start with selecting the right wedding gown neckline! Being directly under your face, it will be one of the main focus of your wedding gown. Be it close-up or full-body shot, it is crucial to select the right neckline according to bust size, height and other factors in order to accentuate your best features!

Don’t worry dears, we have prepared a guide to introduce the three most popular wedding gown necklines to help you decide which style fits you best.

Top 3 Wedding Gown Neckline #1 – The Off Shoulder Wedding Gown:

We promise that the off-shoulder wedding gown neckline is definitely the most romantic of all, teasing your wedding-goers. It’s sexy and alluring yet demure at once.  Any bride who dons it will be associated with class and sophistication.

Turn heads with this gown if you have sculpted collar bones as it accentuates your best features! What’s more, this wedding gown neckline is perfect to create an illusion of slender forearms and for a fuller chest.

Off Shoulder Wedding Gown Neckline

To finish this look, pair it with soft, cascading curls. We recommend the half-up, half-down look to bring out your femininity with the off-shoulder gown. Braids with floral accessories will help you complete this dreamy, fairytale look! 

Top 3 Wedding Gown Neckline #2 – The Sleeveless Sweetheart Neckline

This timeless classic needs no introduction from us – and it’s popular for good reason too. The sleeveless sweetheart neckline is absolutely stunning on brides of all ages, and accentuates her natural curves.

Sweetheart Neckline Gown

The bodice lies in a pretty, heart shaped curve on the chest, creating an illusion of a fuller bust. This look is coveted by many brides less endowed in the chest area. However, brides with fuller bust need not worry as the sweetheart neckline has proved to be more elegant than revealing. If that’s your concern, then go for a sweetheart wedding gown neckline that is less pronounced.

Strapless Sweetheart Wedding Gown Neckline

Also, if you have a shorter neck, the sweetheart neckline is the absolute choice for you! It helps in flaunting your small shoulders while lengthening the neck, creating an illusion of being taller. Pair the gown in a sweetheart wedding gown neckline with a simple necklace to maintain the classy style. To showcase a longer neck, keep your hair up in an updo and viola!

Top 3 Wedding Gown Neckline #3 – Deep V Neckline

Feeling daring and bold? Look no further, the deep V wedding gown neckline turns head with its seductive build. Who doesn’t love a confident bride strutting down the aisle? This wedding gown neckline is made to empower you. Ladies with medium bust (B to C cup) are recommended to try wedding dress with a plunging neckline so that it isn’t too vulgar!

Deep V Wedding Gown Neckline Pink

For brides who have a fondness for swimming but are worried to go for wedding gown designs to highlight your shoulders, there is no neckline more flattering than the deep V wedding gown neckline. It is also recommended for shorter brides, as the elongated plunge will give the illusion of a taller bride.

There, now you know the top 3 wedding gown necklines that most brides go for. In the world of wedding gowns, there are truly many wedding gown necklines but we narrowed down to these 3 wedding gown necklines. While they are simple, but they are timeless and will offer a wedding gown look that will last for a lifetime.

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