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Unveiling The Essential Ways To Select The Right Wedding Gown Accessory!

Unveiling The Essential Ways To Select The Right Wedding Gown Accessory!

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Admit it. Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, especially when there are so many eyes on her! Plus, the right to look like an absolute beauty solely belongs to the bride Of course, looking beautiful starts with choosing the right wedding gown but it doesn’t just end there! Here’s a guide to choosing the ideal wedding accessory to match your bridal gown, to look effortless radiant throughout the event.

#1 Wedding Gown Accessory: A Sparkly Tiara

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Most brides have always dreamt of being a princess on their wedding day..or perhaps every day! Being treated like royalty is absolutely a great feeling. Therefore, wearing a sparkly tiara on your wedding day makes perfect sense. After all, you are entitled to be a princess on your wedding day 😉

A sparkly tiara would match well with a wedding gown in a ball gown cut. As the name suggests, the ball gown cut is inspired by how princesses (or ladies in the royalty line) wore tight corsets to reflect a minuscule waist with a large skirt over a cumbersome petticoat. Of course, the whole picture is complete with a lovely tiara that is embellished with assorted diamonds.

Of course, you don’t need to purchase a tiara that is made of diamonds;) Now, there are many tiaras that are made of diamante and are equally beautiful. Plus, there will be no burns in your pocket.

Another great factor about tiaras is how they can ‘alter’ the shape of your face. For example, if you want your face to appear longer, then you can opt for tiaras with a greater height in the centre portion. If you want to ‘soften’ your jawline, then opt for a smaller tiara that has swirls with scattered diamante.

#2 Wedding Gown Accessory: A Floral Headband

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Floral headbands have been gaining popularity over the past few years. It ranges from a simple band of white baby breaths to large roses decorated on a branch-like band. Brides can opt to have a multitude of colours on their floral headband or have it in one colour! Although it looks casual, it definitely makes a bride look a lot more radiant and adds a rustic element to the overall appearance.

Brides who prefer floral headbands need to consider the type of wedding gown they intend to wear. For example, a wedding gown that has assorted embellishments in many sizes and colours would not match well with any floral headband. As floral headbands already have several elements in them, from the size of flowers to the structure and even the colours they come in, it will look out of place when it is matched with such wedding gowns. On the other hand, wedding gowns with finer details, such as soft lace textures and small beading work, would better complement with floral headbands.

The design of the floral headbands should match well with your facial features as well. For example, if you have a tiny face, then wearing a floral headband made of huge flowers would transform the top of your head into a nest of flowers…in a pretty bad way of course.

Another thing to consider is the location of your wedding as well! If your wedding is held at a grand venue, then perhaps a floral band may not pair well with the luxurious setting. Whereas, if your wedding is held outdoors by a garden or courtyard, then floral headbands would definitely look amazing as it complements the surroundings!

#3 Wedding Gown Accessory: A Diamante Floral Clip

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An elegant floral clip would be the best choice if you seek a combination of a simple crystal and floral headband! Plus, not only does it secure your locks, but it transforms your hairdo into a head-turner.

Crystal floral clip work for brides with an updo, who wishes to avoid too many braids or crimps. Otherwise, the overall effect might look a little too messy! A crystal floral clip complements most wedding gown designs, from simple princessy styles to sophisticated fit and flare cuts. The only thing to note is the size of the crystal flowers and whether it complements your face shape.

#4 Wedding Gown Accessory: A Pair of Crystal Droplet Earrings

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Are you the kind of bride who doesn’t feel comfortable when there is something on her head?  Do you prefer minimal styling done to your hair? If you belong in this category, then you can opt for a pair of crystal droplet earrings! With the right design, it can add elegance to your overall look, transforming you into the epitome of class!

Having said that, the size of earrings is very dependent on your wedding gown. If your wedding gown has pretty simple details on the bodice, then a pair of extravagant earrings would be great! On other hand, if the bodice has many embellishments, then a pair of simple diamond studs would fit better.

Another aspect to consider is the neckline of your wedding gown. If you are wearing a wedding gown that bares your shoulders, then huge crystal earrings would be okay. On the other hand, if your wedding gown has a high neckline, then huge earrings would look too overwhelming! Your wedding guests wouldn’t know what to focus on. They might be wondering if they should look at the excellent beadwork or your large pair of crystal earrings.

#5 Wedding Gown Accessory: A Neck and Shoulder Accessory Piece

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If your wedding is super chic and simple, then you can glamourise it with a neck and shoulder piece! Pieced together with jewels of different sizes, it will add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your overall appearance. Plus, you can simply switch your look by changing your neck and shoulder piece to a simple crystal choker!

For such accessories, it is important that the bodice of the wedding gown does not have too many details going on. A simple satin or chiffon bodice with slight ruching on the waist would be perfect for an elaborate neck and shoulder accessory piece. The tricky bit is ensuring that it brings out the essence of the wedding gown without overshadowing the intricacy of the design. For example, if your wedding gown has a lot of lacework, embroidered floral patterns, and glittering sequin, then a neck and shoulder accessory piece will be too much!

Less is truly more 😉

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