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Unveiling The Top 3 Tricks That Grooms Have To Learn To Look Good In Their Suit

Unveiling The Top 3 Tricks That Grooms Have To Learn To Look Good In Their Suit

Suit up, men! There’s absolutely nothing lovelier to brides than seeing grooms all cleaned up, locking eyes with her, waiting at the end of the aisle. Wearing the wrong suit could kill the moment, but fret not, there are ways to ensure grooms wear the look good in their suit that emits personal style suavely.

Tricks to Look Good in Their Suit #1 – Choosing the Right Colour

Tricks to Look Better in Suits - Navy Blue SuitSure, we understand that a matte black or charcoal grey suit is extremely versatile, but turn up in it and you’ll match anyone else attending your wedding. Take note that it may be the perfect choice for formal weddings and the more mature groom – you’ll never go wrong with it. However, there are more solid colours suitable for weddings that you should know about.

If you’re reluctant to steer away from the conventional, or are looking for suits you can wear again on other occasions, navy blue suits are great choices for the formal, smart look. These suits are also extremely appropriate for the younger grooms, as it highlights youth and dominance. However, men with darker skin tone might not be able to exude navy blue as well, but don’t worry, most other colours will fit the darker individual well.

Grooms in 2018 are now eyeing paler tones for suits. Greys and blues are great in defining playfulness and style in an informal wedding, while white suits are the epitome of elegance in a formal setting.

Tricks to Look Better in Suits - Paler Colour Suits

If you’re looking for something more interesting, choose checkered patterns to spice up the outfit. It’s versatile, yet apt.

Tricks to Look Better in Suits - Checkered Suits

Tricks to Look Good in Their Suit #2 – Know the Proper Way of Dressing

Whether it is a two or three-button suit, always keep the last button unfastened, and unfasten all of them when sitting down.

The standard jacket should end around the trousers’ pocket, and feel a tad tight in the shoulders and chest area.

Tricks to Look Better in Suits - Know How To Wear Suits

Jazz up the suit with some accessories! Use a light pocket square to contrast darker suits and vice versa, and always remember to don a smart, classic watch on your wrist.

The largest conflict at this point – should the suit be custom-made or should it be rented off-the-shelf?

Tricks to Look Good in Their Suit #3 – Get a Custom-Made Suit

Tricks to Look Better in Suits - Custom Made Suits

The more affordable tuxedo rental option has been on the rise lately. However, a custom-made suit is actually a better return-on-investment; if properly cared-for, suits can last for decades. Furthermore, it’s the only way to get a perfectly-fitted suit. Let’s face it, how can a suit that’s made to fit thousands of others look like it’s made for you?

An experienced tailor can assist in selecting the right fabric and designs to accentuate the groom’s best qualities. There are limitless options when creating your suit from scratch – select your favourite colours, materials, or create one that’s fit for work, you hold the decision.

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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