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Unveiling The Top 3 Wedding Gown Trends That Will Take Singapore By Storm In 2017 Part I

Unveiling The Top 3 Wedding Gown Trends That Will Take Singapore By Storm In 2017 Part I

There are so many different wedding gown styles, colours and designs to choose from. If you are busily scratching your heads on which to choose, we have listed down 3 hot wedding gown styles trending this 2017 for you to explore! From playful off-shoulder to sexy deep v neckline wedding gowns, we are pretty sure you would rock in them!

Wedding Gown Trends In 2017 #1 : That Wedding Gown With A Deep V Neckline

Lately we have been speaking to brides who prefer their wedding gown or bridal dress that features a deep V neckline! The days of conservative styles are no longer as prominent and brides are more confident to reveal a little more.

The deep V neckline is great for brides who want to flaunt their cleavage. Well, for the rest of us who are ahem, less endowed (Asian problems!), cast your worries aside! We have previously shared some useful tips on secrets to looking more well-endowed in your wedding gown! One of the tips is to pad your chest with silicon bras, which gives your breasts a fuller shape and better support.

Deep V neckline wedding gowns also flatters your upper body as well as elongate your frame. For petite brides or brides who have a shorter torso, this is a wedding gown style you definitely have to consider!

Having said that, brides who are blessed with a larger chest might not look as good in a wedding with deep V neckline. Contrary to popular belief, brides with larger chests tend to look ‘vulgar’ in such wedding gowns! At the same time, there will be too much attention on the chest and you will definitely see your groom glowering at perverted looks!

Deep V Neck Wedding Gowns

Deep V Neck Wedding Gowns

Wedding Gown Trends In 2017 #2 : That Wedding Gown With A High Neckline

Although wedding gowns with a bustier remains as one of the most sought after design, wedding gowns with high collars are slowly climbing its way up the popularity level.

Not only does it make a fashion statement, but wedding gowns with a high collar tend to appear to belong to another calibre. If you want to appear unique and sophisticated, then such wedding gowns will definitely contribute to that! If you don’t want to appear like you are choking from the high neckline, then you can opt for wedding gowns with mesh and illusion cut outs.

Of course, wedding gowns with a high neckline is not suitable for every bride and there’re factors to consider! While it is no doubt that they exude a sense of elegance, it can also make your face appear wider or make you seem shorter. If you have a long and slender neck, then such wedding gowns would fit your perfectly!

On the other hand, brides with a shorter and/or thicker neck shouldn’t consider wedding gowns with a higher neckline. Otherwise, you might end up looking like a white dumpling on your wedding day!

High Neck Wedding Gowns

High Neck Wedding Gowns

High neck wedding gowns provides a timeless look which means you need not fear that this style will go out of trend! They are also especially flattering for taller brides or those with broad shoulders.

For those considering high neck wedding gowns, tie up your hair into an elegant bun to fully flaunt the design of the neckline. Tying your hair up in a ponytail or having a windswept high bun would perfect the elegant look!

Wedding Gown Trends In 2017 #3 : That Wedding Gown With Interesting Off Shoulder Details!

Take a stroll along the high streets and noticed that many ladies are donning off-shoulder blouses or dresses? Yep, off-shoulders are back in trend and that goes without saying for wedding gowns too! There is this indescribable look and feel which off-shoulder wedding gowns exude.

Off-shoulders wedding gowns

Off-shoulders wedding gowns

Off-shoulder wedding gowns is ideal for brides who wish to show off some skin and not look too sexy! Plus, the best thing about off shoulder wedding gowns is how it makes your arm look slimmer. Way to look girly yet slimmer at the same time, which is truly almost every bride’s dream!

The beauty of such wedding gown design is how every bride of every shape and size looks good with off shoulder details! In fact, you’ll never find yourself worrying about looking, or feeling, fat in such wedding gowns.

However, designs of wedding gowns with an off shoulder feature have changed!  Instead of the normal cloth with no embellishments, now you can expect to see varied off shoulder details! One example would be how sheer lace is used to construct the off shoulder feature and oh my, it looks nothing but beautiful!

With the top 3 wedding gown trends of 2017, we reckon that choosing your wedding gowns may not be that difficult after all! Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming part II on wedding gown trends for this new year! We are certain that our guide would have all the wedding gown styles trends you need to know for your big day!


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