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Unveiling The Top 4 Major Wedding Dress Mistakes Brides Make

Unveiling The Top 4 Major Wedding Dress Mistakes Brides Make

You’ve dreamt about this process, like most other brides. Selecting your wedding dress is definitely one of the most exciting part of wedding planning, yet, take note of these common wedding dress mistakes. By making some wrong choices, you may end up walking down the aisle in the dress you don’t envision yourself wearing – disastrous.

Thus, we’ve compiled the top four mistakes brides in Singapore make when selecting their perfect wedding dress.

Wedding Dress Mistakes 1: Starting Way Too Early

Brides, we know how exciting it must be for you to find the perfect wedding dress! You might be all geared up to scour every bridal boutique, all for the sake of finding the perfect wedding dress.

But starting too early may not be the most ideal. Why?

Remember this. Like most fashion pieces, gown designs might turn obsolete in time. If you start hunting wedding gowns two years before, you might end up with a wedding dress design that isn’t as fashionable.

Typically, brides should look for their perfect wedding dresses 4 to 6 months before the big day. If time permits, start researching for your preferred wedding gown via Instagram, Pinterest or even online bridal magazines.  Next, make reservations with your shortlisted boutiques to visit on your spare days.

Perfect Wedding DressWedding Dresses Mistakes 2: Looking At Too Many Wedding Dresses

Naturally, it can be daunting to decide on the perfect wedding dress. You might be thinking that you should view more dresses to know what’s out there and eventually come to the perfect wedding gown choice.

Do not trap yourself in this common mindset by further confuse yourself when you have already found the perfect wedding gown!

Settle For The Perfect Gown

When that happens, every wedding dress will start to look similar to you, and you won’t be content. You’ll lose the idea of the perfect wedding dress you had in mind,  and end up trying more wedding dresses.

Instead of an enjoyable wedding dress experience, you will end up feeling very stressed (and may be looking at wedding dresses that exceed your budget).

Also, when you’ve spent too much time finding the perfect wedding dress, you might end up rushing through the alteration and accessorising part.

Wedding Dress Mistakes 3: Going in with a closed-mind

Perhaps you’ve envisioned yourself walking down the aisle with a classic A-line wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline. It might be because you have seen a certain bride wear a similar style, and look gorgeous in it. We’re not faulting you for that; it’s normal to have a benchmark!

Classic Wedding Dress With Sweetheart Neckline

But….what if there is another wedding dress design that complements your features better? Would you be open to trying a different wedding dress style?

When you are finding the perfect wedding dress, it is ideal be more open to wedding dresses of different silhouettes. After all, finding the right design that accentuates your features is crucial.

When you keep your mind open (and heed the experts’ advice), you might find yourself falling in love with a wedding dress that is entirely different!   

Bridal Separates

Wedding Dress Mistakes 4: Choosing The Wrong Size

If we had a dollar from every bride who said they will lose weight before their wedding, we would probably have made millions. Of course, you would want to look effortlessly stunning.

We’re sure you can do it, but understand that most dresses can be easily altered up to a few sizes smaller; making it bigger would require ordering more materials, or even changing the back entirely. This process is costly, time-consuming and extremely stressful for you when there are more issues to settle nearer to the big day. Trust the stylists, they know best.

What do you think are the main concerns when purchasing a wedding gown? Share it with us!

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