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Useful Wedding Day Tips To Help You Look Flawless On Your Big Day Part I

Useful Wedding Day Tips To Help You Look Flawless On Your Big Day Part I

It is every bride’s dream to look their best on their wedding day. However, contrary to popular belief, achieving this is actually not a difficult task. With several years of experience in the bridal industry, today, here at La Belle Couture, we will be sharing some useful wedding day tips to help you look flawless on your big day!

Wedding Day Tips #1 : Choosing The Right Colour For Your Bridal Gown

Apart from the classic white wedding gown that majority of the brides commonly wear, there are other non-white bridal gowns that are gaining in popularity. In fact, there is a reason why most Singaporean brides wear a coloured bridal gown at the later part of the wedding because there is more attention on the bride (since there will be photo taking!).

That’s why it’s important to wear a coloured bridal gown that bring out the best in you. The eventual bridal gown can either make you glow in confidence or make you look dull in person.

What determines whether a colour is right for you has actually got to do with your skin tone. For example, if you have a cool skin tone, a more suitable red bridal gown is one that has a blue base, such as berry, burgundy and crimson.

On the other hand, if you have a warm skin tone, an orange tinted red bridal gowns such as cinnamon, copper and vermilion would look better on you!

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Whereas for brides who prefer to don blue bridal gowns, those with a medium shade of skin tone would look exceptionally beautiful in blue bridal gowns. For brides with darker skin tone, steering away from blue bridal gowns may do more good than harm as its undertone would be closer to your skin tone. In turn, it might make your overall appearance look duller!

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Don’t worry if you are clueless when it comes to choosing a right colour for your bridal gowns that is suitable for your skin tone. Our professional and friendly bridal consultants are always here to help you out! So don’t be afraid them anything related to bridal gowns.

Wedding Day Tips #2 : Choosing The Right Hairstyle To Match your Wedding Gown Neckline

If you are blessed with a small face frame, especially with a V-shape jawline, choosing a wedding gown with a high-collared neckline would emphasize on your palm-sized face. Many ladies yearn for such small face frame, thus, you should appreciate this beautiful feature and flaunt it on your wedding day.

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A high-collared neckline goes well with a high bun which helps to elongate your neck. This makes it easier to pull off more dramatic detailed collars that would otherwise compete with your hair. Spice things up further with by adding braids to your high bun or if you prefer to keep things simple, opt for a ballerina bun that displays elegance.

If you are going to wear a V-neck wedding gown, letting your hair down would complement the style. This is because a V-neckline helps draw attention vertically and elongates your body. These long lean lines are best matched with long hair. A suitable hairstyle would be loose curls with a side part or if your wedding affair is more of a casual one, try considering beach waves hairstyle.

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Wedding Day Tips #3 : Makeup Styles Worth Considering

There are many different types of makeup styles available, and depending on the skills of your makeup artist, which you can choose. However, for Asians, the three most common styles are classic, romantic and dramatic makeup styles.

The classic wedding makeup style usually involves beige or taupe on the eyes, a soft pink or peach shade on the cheeks and either a rosy lipstick shade or a classic cherry red. The whole idea of a classic makeup is all about looking polished and natural. This is also one of the more popular makeup styles most brides go for due to its natural look. Classic makeup style is also more suitable for a traditional wedding ceremony.

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Image credit : Jewelry Amor (left) Weddings Eve (right)

A romantic wedding makeup gets its fairytale look by using pink or lavender shades on the eyes, shimmery pink cheeks and a shiny pink pout. Such makeup styles are great for outdoor summer weddings. Therefore, if you are throwing a beach wedding party, a romantic wedding makeup style is your best bet.

Depending on the look your want to pull off, dramatic wedding makeup may be just what you need. If wanting to look sexy has always been your style, then smokey eye makeup would not be a stranger to you. Apart from that, a dramatic makeup style is usually accompanied with neutral cheeks and a pale lip. If you are having an over the top affair, for example, a Great Gatsby theme, a dramatic makeup look will be the right fit.dramatic2

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There are many ways which can help you look flawless on your wedding day. And the good thing is, they are not difficult to achieve. We will be sharing more of such useful wedding day tips in our next article. Do let us know if you find them informative and handy! Feedback are always welcomed!


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