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Want To Look Incredible In Your Wedding Photos? Follow These 4 Important Tips And You Will Shine Like Gold!

Want to look incredible in your wedding photos? Follow these 4 important tips and you will shine like gold!

You know you want to hear your family, friends and relatives to go ‘wow’ as they flip through the album, or even go to the length of wanting to look exactly like you!

That’s an exaggeration, but it is definitely great to be admired that way 😉

Unfortunately, it seems that some of us are blessed to be look fabulous in any angle, any facial expression and basically anything. The rest of us are an angst bunch. While our photogenic friends look effortlessly great, we pale in comparison and are stuck looking really….average.

Sometimes, it’s like taking a picture with Charlize Theron. Human being and Goddess. Meh.

That’s when you doubt yourself and wonder if you could have look that good…

The truth is, anybody (yes we really mean anybody), can look photogenic as long as they follow these 4 tips that will help you look and feel better as you work your way through the photoshoot!

  1. Loosen your muscles and relax

Unless you are an accomplished model or have exceptionally high self-esteem, it can be quite intimidating to pose in front of your photographer. You might even find your mind and the body disconnecting rapidly as you attempt to execute your poses.

However, the tension will be translated into your facial expressions. In addition, the stiffness can be seen throughout your whole body. The last thing you need is to look like you had multiple botox all over your face and body in your photographs! Yikes.

The simplest way to relax your muscles is to always take in deep breaths before every shot. As you focus on your breathing, visualise your stress emitting out of your system. It is almost like mental detoxyfication.

We need to breathe out the stress that kills us.

We need to breathe out the stress that kills us.

Alternately, you can incoporate stretching exercises daily, preferably weeks before your photo shoot. By doing so, it helps awaken and untie the knots in your muscles. Not only will you feel more unhinged, you will feel much more flexible doing your poses. In fact, you will be more inclined to take spontaneous shots, which usually turn out much greater than expected!

  1. Be the master of your posture

Do you have the bad habit of squinting at the computer screen while hunching your back? Do you lean forward in your office chair at work? Do you feel that the curve of your back is getting more pronounced? Do you feel like your body is a lot older and tired than your real age? (draw picture)

If you find yourself nodding silently to the above factors, then it is high time to kick those harmful habits and practice a good posture! It seems more comfortable to slouch, but that will ruin your posture in the long run.!

By perfecting your posture, it is guaranteed to add height and length to your frame. So when you pose for your photographs, you can transform from a mere 150cm into a 170cm! People may see through that at the wedding, who cares? A little trickery won’t hurt as long as your photos turn out amazing.

So what does it mean by possessing the right posture? It simply means appearing to have no weight on your shoulders. By doing so, your exterior will exude an aura of confidence and grace.

It is common for people to associate successful people with an excellent posture. Plus, it has been scientifically proven that a great posture is directly proportionate to your competency to perform at work. People with a better posture are more inclined to take calculated risks and have a higher internal locus of control.

So don’t ever underestimate the power of postures! Not only will you look taller and positively confident in your photography, you might even have a raise with that enhanced performance 😉

In order to achieve the ideal posture, try to imagine an invisible force pushing your head upwards. Also, you can do planks to enhance your posture. However, it is extremely important to do a plank properly. Consult a gym trainer or watch online videos to get a better idea of how to do it right.

  1. Stay away from alcohol!

Sometimes it is very tempting to have a pick-me-up. All you want to do is to sip on a glass of wine or even that cold can of beer, just to celebrate yet another survival of a never-ending day at work.


You may enjoy the moment, but you will regret it when you go for your photoshoot. Unfortunately, alcohol can ruin your appearance by making your face more puffy! You might wanna stash your alcohol away or even stop buying them weeks before the photoshoot so you have lesser reasons to open that Heineken.

Instead, increase your water intake to not only for hydration purposes, but wash off any traces of sodium residing in your system, which will reduce puffiness. If you do not have the habit of drinking water, then set reminders on your phone. If you find that water tastes boring, then you can create infused water. Simply put lemon, orange, grapefruit and even apple slices into the water and tada, you got yourself healthy flavoured water!

Do remember to not drink too much water before you sleep, especially the day before your photoshoot. If you do, you will have water retention and appear puffy for the the shoot. Besides, you wouldn’t want to keep waking up in the middle of the night to empty your bladder!

  1. Practice your smile and poses against a mirror

It sounds really narcisstic to do start looking into the mirror and doing your poses or pulling off that oh-so-sunshine smile. But then again, people don’t need to know. It is a secret between you and I 😉

"Hi,I really look beautiful today. Wait I look beautiful everyday!'

“Hi,I really look beautiful today. Wait I look beautiful everyday!’

So why is the mirror trick so important?

Firstly, by directly looking at the mirror, you will be able to know what your angles are and aren’t. Also, it helps you better understand your body, your best and worst features. For example, if you have shapely legs, learn how to position them in a way that elongates without adding bulk to them . Or, if you think you have a broad waist, then twist your body slightly to give that illusion of a slender waist.

Secondly, smiling in front of the mirror helps you determine your best angle, whether you are showing too much teeth or gums, or if your smile looks more spastic than you think it was. Who knows! You might even look better when you smile with your lips closed!

Practicing in front of the mirror is not merely about looking at how drop-dead gorgeous you are but to train your brain muscles! Your brain is programmed to remember your most and least favourite poses and facial expressions. This means that during your photoshoot, you will do what makes you feel beautiful and confident, as if it is your second nature. You can also opt to let your professional photographer guide you but chances are, you are going to feel like you are doing something unfamiliar, which can be really uncomfortable.

One trick to effectively do your mirror work is to keep each practice of pose or facial expression to a maximum of 3 minutes before you start to over-scrutinize or be distracted. Whenever you find a negative thought creeping into your mind, tell yourself that there is always a way out of this and all you need is to find a way to hide what makes you feel worst about yourself.

And of course, always do this practice alone. This is your thing! The last thing you need is to have somebody who can’t seem to stop yakking about your poses.


Do take note that it is perfectly to have great and bad shots. It is the same old usual advice, but yes, be confident! Don’t waste time feeling bad about yourself; that is not going to earn you those brilliant shots. Instead, work on the four tips and not only will you brim with confidence, but you will find yourself enjoying every moment of the photography session!

Have any other tips? Share it with us! Find this article useful? Share this article with a newly-to-be who is really in need of some assistance!

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