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Wedding Bells, Not Wedding Hell

Juggling a hectic schedule and planning a wedding can stump the best of us. We want an unforgettable celebration that reflects our personality, look and feel our best as well as show our guests a good time.

Anyone who has been through it understands that there is much more to do than expected. Not just for the wedding day itself, but also for the other occasions leading up to the wedding day. Hen’s night, bachelor party, solemnization, tea ceremony, church reception and banquetto name a few.

My first experience with planning a wedding was my brother’s. The wedding couple was working overseas, everything was to happen within a short timeframe and it was a destination wedding spanning across 2 countries with a guest list a mile long. As I watched the to-do list go on and on, my first thought was where do I start? No wonder it is recommended that couples start planning a year earlier.

A major consideration was that it was unique to the wedding couple and not a run of the mill wedding that didn’t say much about who they were. I am sure many of brides-to-bes are familiar with this mentality.

A sure win way was to start with a mood board filled with wedding ideas (this can include colours, a feeling, a flower, a style or a memory). It could be that vacation to Hawaii that he proposed, tiffany blue, romantic but casual or the location you first met.

With input from the wedding couple, I pinned like my life depended on it and soon I saw a common thread that accurately reflected their style and expressed their coveted memories. I then narrowed it down to one sentence – A classic yet intimate, sliver toned city wedding filled with white Calla Lilies.

View this video to see how to create your inspiration board on pinterest!

This was a great platform for all the other preparations, as long as we had this sentence in mind, everyone was in line with what they wanted and we could add in other details more easily as time went by.

A quick and cost effective way to ease your woes is to find a wedding boutique that offers comprehensive services such as make up, hair, photography, gowns and suits. Feel free to ask a lot of questions as well as for recommendations. They are the experts after all! This gave me a good framework as what I needed to do and everything took off from there.

Another avenue is to get your loved ones on board and share the responsibilities with them. Carefully separate out responsibilities for different people, taking into consideration their personality and experience. For example, your foodie bridesmaid that would be a wonderful choice for menu and cake tasting or your immaculately dressed fashionista cousin who would be a great companion for wedding dress hunting.

I find that wedding couples often consider planning a hassle and not that many actually enjoy the process, disagreements can also arise when responsibilities aren’t clearly laid out. Couples often forget that the planning should be as enjoyable as the wedding itself. Part of the fun of planning is spending time with loved ones, getting to know them better and sharing ideas with everyone.

When you look back many years from now, it is just wonderful to be able to remember the people who chose the wedding dress with you, the people who organized your hen’s night, the people who sifted through umpteen bridal magazines with you. The people who accompanied you on this journey into marriage. The people who matter.

Here’s some advice from Martha Stewart Weddings for brides to be.

Here are 5 quick tips to get you started.

  1. Mood board
  2. Consultation with a professional
  3. List of friends and family for assistance
  4. Budget
  5. List of required occasions and requirements – Hen’s night, bachelor night, solemnization, tea ceremony, wedding banquet, etc.

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