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Wedding Blues No More Post 2

Now is the time to be honest about your body shape, embrace your natural beauty and start your marriage on the right foot. A wedding dress is usually the most expensive dress you would ever don so it is worth spending a little time and energy to make sure it is stunning.

Choosing the right dress is all about balancing the eye and emphasizing your favourite areas while camouflaging others. There’s a dress for every bride, making sure you feel and look your best on your big day.

In post 2 of the series – Wedding Blues No More,

We continue to guide you along to choose perfect wedding dresses guaranteed to make sure all eyes are on you!

1. Right Dress for the Right Venue

The 1st thing to consider is if your dress compliments the venue. Whether it is an outdoor carefree garden setting or a luxurious indoor ballroom, your dress should fit the look and feel of the venue. You definitely do not want to be sticking out like a sore thumb at your venue.

2. What is your Body Shape?

Take a detailed look at your body to find out what is your shape. Have an idea of which dress silhouette works for you, narrow it down to those silhouettes first. A tip is to remember that a build-in corset is a bride’s best friend, it will tighten and define any wobbling bits, showcasing slender curves in all the right places.


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3. Prefect Dress Silhouettes for Your Body Shape


Your shoulders and hips are relatively the same size with a well-defined small waist. The best silhouettes areballgown, A-line, empire. The ballgown dress has a structured bodice and a wide full skirt that shows off your hourglass figure to the max. You can also take on the challenge of the sexy figure hugging mermaid cut. You lucky girl, you.

The Classic Ball Gown


Your hips are bigger than your shoulders; you have a well-defined waist and a small bust. The best silhouettes areballgown, A-line, empire. The empire dress has a high-waisted bodice that elongates your figure. This combined with a softer material that skims over your hips is the way to go. Ask for a padded bra top for that little hidden extra to the bust area. Great for petite and shorter brides.

Empire Cut Gown with a Halter Neckline to Elongate the Body


Your shoulders, waist and hips are relatively in line; not a lot of waist definition. The best silhouettes areempire, A-line, sheath. An A-line dress nips in at the waist and flows out to a graceful skirt, creating the shape of a letter A. The modified A-line dress fits closer to the body and form an smaller A shape at the bottom. They both flatter most figures, making it a must try on the list! Add an embellished or ribbon belt detail to further define the waist.

la-belle-couture-a-line-gownA-Line Gown

la-belle-couture-a-line-modifiedA-Line Gown with Modified Skirt Details

Inverted Triangle

Your top half is larger than your bottom half. The best silhouettes are ballgown, trumpet, mermaid, peplum skirt.

A trumpet or mermaid dress is fitted on the top with the emphasis on the flare below the knee. It plays up your figure in all the right places. Great for brides that want to show off their curves.

la-belle-couture-mermaid-gownMermaid Cut (Variations and different names include Fit and Flare and Trumpet)

Here’s some commentary on how to choose a wedding gown

4. Emphasis your Best Assets

We all have our favourite areas that we want to emphasis. If you have beautiful long legs, a short fashion forward dress or a wedding dress with a see-through skirt will work best for you. If you have a flattering bust, a lower V-shaped or sweetheart neckline will draw attention to your chest.

If you have an enviable waistline, look out for dresses with ruching or embellishment in that area. A tip is that a Basque waist dress has a V or U-shaped lowered waistline that is several inches below your natural waistline, creating an hourglass figure.

It is time to explore and discover. It could be your gorgeous back that no one knew, the figure hugging mermaid dress that flaunts your figure, or it can also be an out of the box style that surprise your friends. Be open minded to options but be cautioned that you have to be utterly comfortable with the dress.

Going too far out from your comfort zone on an already busy day can throw some brides off their game. You certainly do not want jaws dropping for all the wrong reasons. A tip is that you are most beautiful when you are comfortable in your skin and in your element.

5. Who to Bring Dress Shopping?

Communicate your favourite and least favourite areas to your bridal consultant so they can assist you effectively, work with them to make it work for you. Bring a small party (1 to 2 people) of trusted family or friends along that can give you opinions but respect your ultimate decision. You are the bride, you have the last say as to what works for you. Do not feel pressurized into any decisions. The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable on your special day.

At La Belle Couture, we have over 800 designer gowns and 200 suits, perfect for all wedding related occasions. Rent or customize, pick and choose what works for your wallet.

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Want your wedding questions answered via our blog? Email our Digital Bridesmaid to get in touch!

Photo Credit of Gowns: La Belle Couture Weddings

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