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Wedding Etiquettes You Should Always Observe

Wedding Etiquettes You Should Always Observe

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By Laurenzo Overee


We often talk about brides and grooms and how they can prepare for the big day. But we shouldn’t forget that guests play a massive role in the celebration too! That’s why wedding etiquettes are in place to ensure that attendees contribute to the fantastic atmosphere (rather than tarnish it). 

Few things are worse than a rowdy crowd that destroys months of planning with their nonchalant attitude. We understand how sensitive it is to “teach guests how to behave” – they are adults, after all (at least most of them).  

So we have rounded up a list of essential practices that should apply to all weddings. You may go ahead and circulate them on your social media channels – your guests should get the drift. We are always here to help, don’t mention it!


Wedding Etiquettes #1 – Punctuality

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Punctuality is a sign of respect – that you appreciate a person’s time. The concept applies to work, school, and, yes, wedding events. It is low-key impolite to miss the significant moments of a wedding. After all, couples invite guests because they value their presence. 


Similarly, you should avoid showing up too early – when the ballroom is still in a mess or *gasp* the bride has no makeup on. Be on the ball, so you can witness the grand spectacle unravel as scheduled. It’s best for everyone and leaves no room for awkwardness. 


Wedding Etiquettes #2 – Always Aim to Show Up 

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If there’s one thing worse than being late for a wedding, it’s no-showing. Unless you have a worthy reason to be absent (i.e., illness, accident, and all that icky stuff), you should attend the ceremony as agreed. The happy couple invited you and made special preparations to reserve a spot for you in their milestone event- it’s a big deal.  For all we know, they may have excluded someone else just to have you there! 

Picture this for a moment – you glowing in a fabulous wedding gown, ready to showcase your happiness. And you see empty seats all over the place. The saddening sight saps the wedding mood, and you’ll probably feel dejected fast. So let’s not ruin it for these lucky peeps!

Wedding Etiquettes #3 – Watch That Bottle  

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We get it, alcohol can liven up the ambiance – they bring joy to guests. Even usually quiet attendees may openly express their blessings and wishes – that’s why they call it liquid courage. But there’s the adage – too much of a good thing is a bad thing. 


So, keep a close watch on your alcohol intake during the event to avoid stirring up a scene. We have heard many wedding horror stories of violent guests, table-slamming, and projectile vomit. It’s pretty graphic, and a wedding banquet should be anything but that! 


Let’s just say that it’s no coincidence that some couples charge corkage. 


Wedding Etiquettes # 4-  Keep Your Phones Away 

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The truth is, most people need to be surgically separated from their phones these days. We spend hours online, hooked to our screens – especially with the nasty pandemic. But if you’re attending a wedding, please muster all your energy to tuck your mobiles away. 


We know it’s near-impossible to stop binge-watching TikTok challenges or distribute likes to IG posts – but you are attending a life-changing event!  Trust us. You won’t want to miss the genuine smile of the bride and groom as they sashay down that aisle – oh, and the embarrassing baby photos from the montage. 




Apologies for sounding like a bonafide Grumpy Cat – it wasn’t our intention. However, the fact remains – we should respect the wedding couple for all the effort they invested in creating a day to remember. As with any merrymaking, party responsibly, and you’ll be in for a great time!


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