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Wedding Feature – Agnes And Andrew

Wedding Feature – Agnes and Andrew

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot






Actual Day

10986811_10152960913412963_7926977089981553633_nImage source: Couple’s own

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1. How did you meet?

Agnes: We met through a friends’ gathering. It was a badminton match that struck the chemistry between us, at least that is how I got the spark for him! 🙂

Andrew: Ha Ha. Through a friends’ gathering.


2. What was the proposal like?

Agnes: It was at Sentosa Movenpick Hotel, and he lied to me that we were going camping. He planned it very well I must say, the room was well decorated and he even prepared two camera stands and cameras at each side of the hotel room. After that he brought me for cable car dining.

Andrew: It was held at Sentosa Movenpick Hotel, with surprise decoration in the room (by me), flowers, proposal ring and a list of promises to touch her heart and of course accompanied with “will you marry me?’ We had a nice cable car sky dining after.


3. What was the inspiration behind your pre-wedding photo shoot?

Agnes: We wanted to have some romantic feel; as to me that’s what a wedding is all about.

Andrew: Nice and romantic photo shoot.


4. What made you decide to choose a ‘one-stop’ bridal boutique?

Agnes: Well, I read through those wedding forums and came to know about La Belle Couture, who is famous for their beautiful gowns with no additional top-up charges, which is my number 1 priority for a bridal boutique. In additional, there was an upcoming BOWS roadshow where La belle also participated in, so we decided to go down and take a look. And to our surprise, we were very happy with the explanation given by Ken regarding pre-wedding photography shoot and the salesperson, “Kit Kat”; hence we signed the package on the spot.

Andrew: I let Wifey decide, as long as she is happy with the gown. Ha Ha and the most important is to mark our wedding a memorable one and being the most beautiful bride of the day.


5. How would you describe the overall journey (from planning right up to the day of the wedding)?

Agnes: It was a very long journey, we planned close to 2 years ago, but I guess it is good to be “slow and steady” as it allowed us time to slowly choose and research what we want and of course, affordable rate!

Andrew: It’s a long long journey. With all the well effort and commitment. Overall was well planned and a memorable wedding we both wants.


6. Any tips or wedding advice for other brides and grooms-to-be?

Agnes: Know what you want for your wedding. Plan early, avoid any last minute planning, for instance looking for a photo-booth, as you are able to get many things as a package where the rate would be more reasonable and you’d be able to bargain more. In addition, always divide up who will be in-charge of what during the preparation. For myself, I helped coordinate with the bridal boutique and actual day photographer/videographer while Andrew helped coordinate with JP, car rentals etc.

 Andrew: Plan well, early and with hearts and love.


Venue: Fullerton Bay Hotel

Cake: Abite (Privileged price for La Belle Couture Couples)

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