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Afraid Your Wedding Gown Selection Might Turn Into A Nightmare? Here Are 3 Bridal Experts Tips To Enjoy The Experience!

Afraid Your Wedding Gown Selection Might Turn Into A Nightmare? Here Are 3 Bridal Experts Tips To Enjoy The Experience!

Wedding gown selection is one of the most exciting parts of your wedding planning! You get to dress up in luxurious satin and adorn beautiful accessories – and be treated like royalty for the day.

However, too many differing opinions or not being focused on the key factors to consider can cause that process to be more stressful than enjoyable. (You don’t want to become a bridezilla!)

Here, bridal experts share the 3 tips to thoroughly enjoy your wedding gown selection experience.

Tips To Enjoy Your Wedding Gown Selection #1 –  Invite Close Friends Or Family Only

You want to bring your uncles and aunties, primary school friends or even your hubby’s friends along to join in the fun! It’s true – it can be fun to have everyone gather and fuss over the wedding gown selection. However, that can also result in diverging opinions. Everyone chips in and you end up losing clarity on what you might like. On top of that, you might end up having to mitigate conflicts between your friends or family!

Instead of bringing your entire wedding entourage, invite only close friends or family members. You should be able to trust them to give you honest opinions. Bonus if your loved ones are sharp enough to point out the parts of your wedding gown that just isn’t working. They’ve also got to respect your choices. If at the end of the day, you decide to go for a particular dress, you’d want your loved ones to support you wholly. After all, it’s your big day!

Tips To Enjoy Your Wedding Gown Selection #2 – Knowing Yourself

Whether it’s elaborate beadwork or lace detailing, the model is most probably going to look fantastic in it! However, not all wedding gowns are going to work for you. And not all are going to be to your liking! There are reasons certain wedding and bridal gowns work better for you. During your wedding gown selection, it becomes important for you to speak with bridal experts about what might work for your body type.

There are two broad aspects to consider – (1) flattering parts of your body that you’d like to draw attention to and accentuate, and (2) less flattering parts of your body that you’d prefer to keep more covered. There are necklines, sleeve designs, ball gown types and gown detailing that you can play around with to best complement your body type. For example, boat necklines are good for those with defined collar bones and halter tops are more suitable for those with shaped shoulders. Lace and tulle pairings give you a more playful vibe, while 3D embellishments with a mermaid skirt give you a more elegant vibe.

You can ask your bridal expert for advice on all these!

Tips To Enjoy Your Wedding Gown Selection #3 – Asking Essential Questions

When you’re at a bridal studio, you might be flooded with pictures and suggestions. Being able to compose yourself and ask crucial questions can make or break the wedding gown selection!

Aside from how you look and feel in the wedding gown, you also can consider how the wedding gown would look in the context of your wedding venue! For example, a grander venue such as a church would call for a gown with a long train. On the other hand, an outdoor venue – which is becoming trendy these days, would require a shorter train. In fact, you might even need to alter the hem so that your wedding gown doesn’t drag on the ground and collect muddy stains!


All these can seem overwhelming! Amongst other aspects of wedding planning (like booking your banquet venue and confirming your florist), choosing your wedding gown is yet another decision to make.

While having to consider all the details can be stressful, remember that you don’t have to do them alone. By calling on these “friends” during your wedding gown selection, it can help you along!

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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