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Wedding Gown Silhouettes Guide Part I

Wedding Gown Silhouettes Guide Part I

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While most of you brides are confused over the type of wedding gown silhouettes available, we are definitely here to help! In this article, you will get to identify and understand the variety of wedding gown silhouettes available.

After you have managed to differentiate from one another, you would be at a better position to understand what types of wedding gown silhouette suits what body types. With our bite-sized tips to identify the different types of wedding gown silhouettes, we hope that your confusion is reduced!

Wedding Gown Silhouettes Guide #1: Ball Gown

This is by far the classic wedding gown silhouette which many brides adore. Admittedly, when we think of wedding gowns, we think of beautiful gorgeous gowns wore by our Disney princesses.

Image credit : Cor104 - DeviantArt

Image credit : Cor104 – DeviantArt


A typical ‘fairytale wedding gown’, which is fitted at the bodice before flaring out dramatically at either the waist or the hips. With this structure, a wedding ball gown inevitably creates an illusion of an hourglass figure. This is because it holds the waist more firmly and snugly together, especially if the bodice has a corset-design. In turn, it creates a smaller waist and wider hips or bottom, just like how an hourglass is.

One of the concerns brides have when it comes to wearing a wedding ball gown, is the fear of tripping over their gown. Hence, the question is, what is the recommended length of the hem? Although a ball gown has a full silhouette, it should not be excessively long. It is advisable to have the front of the hem to be just brushing the top of your toes.

Wedding Ball Gown

Wedding Ball Gown


Wedding Gown Silhouettes Guide #2: Mermaid

The mermaid wedding gown silhouette is currently one of the top most popular cuttings that brides are smitten with! Gaining its popularity, we can understand why this is the case.

Designed to body-hug your figure, the wedding gown in the mermaid cut is made to fit tightly from your chest to your knees, and then flaring out. This sure imitates a mermaid’s tail (which explains the name anyways!). This mermaid wedding gown is sure to turn heads when you whiz past with sexiness.

Mermaid wedding gown

Mermaid wedding gown

However, as this type of wedding gown silhouette is constricting, it may not be suitable for those who are not comfortable showing off your curves. If you want to avoid emphasising your trouble spots such as tummy, then this mermaid wedding gown is definitely not suitable for you. Furthermore, if you are planning to do a wedding dance with your groom, this mermaid wedding gown will restrict you body movements. This is certainly not what you want during a dance.

Wedding Gown Silhouettes Guide #3: Sheath

If you find that mermaid wedding gown is too constricting, a sheath wedding gown silhouette would be perfect for you. Fairly fitted to flaunt your curves, the bottom of the skirt differs from a wedding dress in a mermaid cut! The skirt is less pronounced, offering a much more softer and less dramatic structure.

Sheath Wedding Gown

Sheath Wedding Gown

A sheath wedding gown is another type of wedding gown silhouette which you can consider if you are in a dilemma whether or not to choose a mermaid wedding gown. It somewhat accentuates your figure but yet not too suffocating.

If you have a short-waist, full-figure or well-endowed on the top than your bottom, a sheath wedding gown is what you have to avoid. On the other hand, if you are very tall or very petite bride, or if you are blessed with a hour-figure (lucky you!), a sheath wedding gown would complement your body type!


We understand how confusing it can get when it comes to identifying the different wedding gown silhouettes available. Stay tuned to our next article for part two!


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