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Wedding Gown Tips That Petite Brides Should Keep In Mind

Wedding gown tips that petite brides should keep in mind

Looking at the ultra long gowns and feeling uncertain whether you can actually fit into the gown without looking like you are drowning in it? Fun sized, petite brides, we feel you. Not everyone is blessed with extra long limbs and are able to look good in ultra long wedding gowns. However, you do not have to fret because we have some tips to help you pick out the perfect wedding gown for your petite frame. Follow these tips if you want to look a few feet taller than you actually are on your wedding day! Say goodbye to your worries about looking less than ideal in your wedding gown!

#1 Look for a wedding gown with a higher waistline for petite brides

empire waistline wedding gown for petite brides singapore

If you would like to create an illusion of a longer torso and legs, then go for a wedding gown that has a higher waistline, something like an empire waistline. For the petite brides, a wedding gown that is cinched in right under your bust and then falls down all the way to the ground will help to elongate your silhouette and make you look taller and more slender in your wedding gown. However, this is very dependent on a bride’s body proportion. If a bride has a short torso and wears a wedding dress with higher waistline, then she might look like she has a really short waist!

#2 Plain and simple wedding gown for petite brides

Heart shaped neckline wedding gown singapore

If you are of a petite frame, avoid gowns that are overly embellished. Gowns with many large details and embellishment might be too overpowering for a petite bride, making you to look like a little girl in her mother’s oversized dress (and you wouldn’t want to be associated with that, do you?). So, the rule for picking your wedding gown is to go for something with a simple and sweet design, preventing it from drawing negative attention in a stark and negative way. A well-cut wedding gown will suffice for your slim figure, rendering over the top details unnecessary.

#3 Well-fitted A-line wedding gown for petite brides

Three a-line wedding gown singapore

An A-line wedding gown looks good on almost all body types. So, if you’re worried about looking less than ideal in a wedding gown with your petite frame, an A-line gown is your best bet. Well fitted at the hips and gradually widening towards the hem, an A-line wedding gown will accentuate your waist and slowly guides the eyes downwards, creating a lengthening effect.

#4 Special hairdo to do the trick for petite brides

Hair bun singapore

If you are willing to go all out to add a few inches to your stature, then don’t forget about your hair, it can be styled in ways to give you that extra height! Go for a high bun that sits at the crown of your head or comb your hair up into a front puff to create an illusion of height. This will help to make you look taller and might even help to elongate your face shape and drawing attention to your beautifully made-up face as well. Of course, pick a hairstyle that you think would suit your dress and features. The best hair do would be the high bun, which complements most wedding gowns. Plus, it creates that ethereal princess look.

#5 Picking the perfect pair of heels for petite brides

Wedding shoes singapore

A wedding gown is never complete without a complementing pair of heels. Especially so if you are a petite bride, a pair of heels can help to elongate your frame! Of course, you will have to choose a pair of heels with the right height for you. Just imagine if you are hovering over your groom on your wedding day! It wouldn’t look good right? Do pick a pair of heels with a height that you are comfortable with. If you have yet to master the art of sashaying in heels, opt for a wider wedge. Of course, it is also important to choose a pair of heels that matches your wedding gown! Choose one that matches the colour of your wedding gown. If you are unsure, go for a nude or off white heels, it would certainly go with almost any wedding and bridal gowns!

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