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Wedding Hair DOs And DON’Ts

Wedding Hair DOs and DON’Ts

As much as we love inspirations from time to time, this time we’d like to offer more valuable insights. Ever heard the saying, “Too much of anything is never good?” In this case, here’s some tips from experts implying what to/not to do when it comes to your wedding hair.




  • DO have a hair trial in advance. A hair trial would enable you to determine whether or not the stylist is able to cater to your needs, wants and/or style.
  • DO take photos along with you. As we all have played Charades before, we know that telling isn’t the same as showing, so bring your photos to your appointment! This would help your stylist know exactly what you’re looking for, recommend certain changes to better suit you and to make it look even better.
  • DO bring any accessories that you will be wearing and let your stylist know if you’ll be wearing any flowers beforehand. This would enable the stylist to have a better idea on which hairdo would compliment your accessories and/or flowers that make you look best on your wedding day.
  • DO be open-minded. Hairstylists do this for a living and if you allow them the freedom to expand on your ideas, who knows what amazing styles will result. Because more often than not, that exact hairstyle that you’d die for would end up not looking to die for on you. Thus it’s important to get to know your own hair and know what looks best on you.
  • DO be honest with your stylist. Prior to the previous point, if your stylist’s suggestion is really out of your league, do not hesitate to let him/her know. Speaking up is the best way to ensure 100% satisfaction for your wedding day hairstyle, so be as open and clear as possible.
  • DO communicate with your stylist. Inform your stylist on the style of your wedding dress, especially the neckline (is it a bustier top, off-shoulder, toga etc). Don’t forget to also talk about the overall theme of the wedding, what sort of feels you’re going for, so that the stylist would be able to suit your style according to your various needs and wants. Remember communication is key!
  • DO consider going for a hair treatment a week before your big day. An in-salon deep conditioning would ensure that your day’s locks are in tip top condition.



  • DON’T show your stylist your entire inspiration photo collection. Narrow it down to 3-5 at the most and your stylist would already have a good idea on the type of styles you prefer and would definitely give him/her some room for creativity. After all, they are the experts at this.
  • DON’T pick hairstyles that do not go with your hair length, cut and/or colour because this could mean that you fall more in love with the way the person looks in the photography, which could also lead to the style not suiting you.
  • DON’T have unrealistic expectations. For instance, if you have short hair and know that it wouldn’t be able to grow much till your wedding day, don’t look at hairdos that require long hair. Keep in mind that everyone has different hair length, texture, density of hair, thus results will not always be the same as what you envision or expect.
  • DON’T consider too many opinions. Similar to choosing your wedding dress, opinions start to get cloudy when your whole family is around and you’d end up not knowing who to please, and that’s certainly something we would like to avoid. So keep things simple and ask along someone who has a similar style.
  • DON’T overthink it. Sometimes, less is more. Try not to choose a hairstyle that would end up looking dated when you look back on your wedding photographs in the future. Tip: Classic looks are always a smart idea for creating an everlasting photo.
  • DON’T take the phrase “wedding hair” too seriously. Don’t forget that the groom-to-be fell in love with you. So if you’ve never worn an updo in your life, you don’t have to start on your wedding. Wear your hair in whatever style makes you feel not only beautiful, but more importantly, comfortable as well.

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