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Special Moments Wedding Photographers Should Capture on the Wedding Day

Even though memories of the wedding are wonderful, wedding photographs that capture these memories are even more so as they immortalize these memories. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the very special and intimate moments of the wedding is being captured in pictures by the wedding photographers, for the couple to reminisce on when they are old and grey.

#1 True love’s kiss

wedding photographers Couple photoshoot kiss singapore

All of us would agree that the kiss on the wedding day is one of the most precious moments, sealing the love between the couple in front of everyone who love and care about them. Therefore, it is bound to be one of the most special moments that the wedding photographers should capture beautifully on the wedding day. From a low angle or high angle? It doesn’t matter. What matters is to capture the moment where the sparks fly when the couple kisses each other for the first time during the wedding banquet, this is one wedding photograph that is to be kept forever.

#2 The face of the families during the toast

wedding dinner singapore

In every family, there is bound to be a few emotional ones. Make sure that you capture that wedding photograph well by ensuring that the look or the little teardrops on their faces when the bride and groom give their thanks and make their toast is in the photograph. The emotions of the family members can be captured clearly in their expressions, acting as good and precious memories that the bride and groom will hold close to their hearts. Love is everywhere on a wedding night, not only the love between the couple can be felt, the love that their families have towards them can be experienced so deeply at the same time too. Hence, this is one important moment that the wedding photographers should capture in a wedding photograph.

#3 The way the groom looks at his bride

Indoor photoshoot singapore

As the saying goes “a women is the prettiest on her wedding day”. Well, what better way to represent that than through the eyes of her groom? This is a precious and sometimes fleeting moment, hence the wedding photographers should be always on standby to capture the moment when the groom looks admiringly at his bride, taking in the beauty that is standing right in front of him. We are sure that this precious shot will be one that brings back fond memories when the couple look at these pictures in the future – the bride recalling how mesmerised her groom was with her and the groom having fond memories of his beautiful bride at that very moment.

#4 Wedding photographers, do not miss the rings

Couple Wedding ring singapore

We know that the rings are something that the couple keeps for forever, but it has an extra special meaning on their wedding night. Therefore, it is even more important to capture a wedding picture of the rings and the moment when the ring is being exchanged as it symbolizes many things at that moment. Therefore, what better thing to capture an image of than the ring that is the main highlight and symbol of the entire wedding ceremony. Take note wedding photographers, this is one shot not to be missed.

#5 The walk down the aisle

Couple garden singapore

As the bride walks down the aisle in the arms of her parents, a new life begins for the couple as well as their parents. This symbolic moment is one that has to be specially noted by the wedding photographers. Not only does it symbolizes that the couple are transitioning from singles to being married, it also displays the members of the wedding’s support for the union. Therefore, it is a momentous moment that should be captured in the wedding photographs, to be fondly looked back on in the future.

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