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Wedding Photography Mistakes To Avoid

Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid

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By Laurenzo Overee

Wedding photography captures the most stunning moments before and during your big day. Most brides would consider it an essential service. However, with that said, every wedding shoot is unique. Many complexities and considerations shape your photography sessions – for better or for worse. 

While you can’t possibly control every factor, there are some common mistakes that you can avoid with diligence. With the right prep work, you can expect timeless images to share with your future grandkids or kittens. 


Wedding Photography Mistake #1 – Not Meeting Your Photographer Before the Shoot

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The wedding photographer is the maestro who will bring your bridal visions to life. No masterpiece lies beyond reach through the combination of advanced cameras, skillful editing, and a keen eye for detail. But with all of that aside, you should always meet your photographer face-to-face before the shoot.

Through a physical meetup, you’ll identify if the photographer is someone you can work with for hours under the relentless weather. Sure, online portfolios can show the prettiest designs – but ultimately, you want someone approachable who keeps you at ease to evoke winning photos. 

Also, don’t forget to ask questions to clear all doubts. Treat the first meeting as an opportunity to address all pain points before going ahead. Doing so eliminates disagreements during the day of the shoot.  


Wedding Photography Mistake #2 – Fully “Outsourcing” the Artistic Vision 

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Don’t get us wrong – professional photographers are some of the most creative individuals on the planet. However, if you desire photos that define your unique relationship, you would know best! Rather than trusting your photographer entirely with the shoot direction, brainstorm a little, try novel ideas, and have fun!

For example, Fort Canning is a popular location for wedding photography, but you could choose a less familiar spot coupled with quirky poses. The result? A bridal album filled with photos of inimitable beauty – like classical art pieces.  


Wedding Photography Mistake #3 – Booking at the Eleventh Hour

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There’s plenty of logistics and planning involved in wedding photography. So to play it on the safe side, you should book a bridal photography service 6-12 months before your shoot date. Last-minute bookings could result in crushing disappointment when you realise that someone else has already hired your preferred photographer.

Under such panic scenarios, flustered brides may resort to hiring the first available photographer. And lackluster results may follow. As we’ve stressed many times – you shouldn’t ever settle for your wedding! So do yourself a favor and book early to secure the quality you deserve.




Ultimately, wedding photography is just one of the essential components of your celebration. Looking your best will bring out the confidence from within you, resulting in more breathtaking pictures. Have you chosen the prettiest wedding gowns to accentuate your natural appearance and make your photos pop? The experts at La Belle Couture can assist you with both aspects of wedding planning and more – right from the get-go. 

Request an appointment or touch base with us on social media, and we’ll help you realize the perfect event!


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