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Wedding Preparation Tips – The Emotional Journey

Wedding Preparation Tips – The Emotional Journey

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By Laurenzo Overee

Your big day is an exclusive occasion in the works for many years (possibly over a decade for some brides!). You might have the wedding gown sorted and the venue selected, but a wedding preparation goes beyond that. There’s the involvement of a spiritual/emotional aspect that requires some consideration. 

Your confidence will show through a strong mindset, and your wedding experience will become greater than you ever imagined. 


 Emotional Wedding Preparation Tip #1 – Master the Walk 

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Some people describe a wedding as “walking the aisle.” There’s an excellent reason for that since the process is a life-changing “walk.” It’s a transformative process where two souls become one. With that said, you should keep practicing until you feel that confidence pulsing in you. 

Get your partner and bridesmaids to accompany you during practice to gain some constructive feedback. They may point out some of the little stuff that might escape your notice – like poor posture or awkward facial expressions. Choosing a stunning wedding gown is just one part of commanding the aisle – you need to feel calm and confident to achieve an elegant gait. 


Emotional Wedding Preparation Tip #2 –  Remind Yourself There’s No “Right Way”

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You might have flipped through a stack of bridal magazines. Perhaps some celebrity weddings blew your mind. However, there’s a fine line between inspiration and duplication. Don’t worry about failing to meet a wedding style – because every event should be unique. 

Additionally, sometimes you might feel the pressure to conform to the bridal vision of a relative or good friend. As much as you adore those people – you should be the primary architect of your wedding. Hold a ceremony in front of a yacht, wear non-white wedding gowns, or sing your wedding vow – anything goes!

By staying true to yourself, you will feel less stressed, and that genuine joy will show. It’s the best type of expression for timeless wedding photography!


Emotional Wedding Preparation Tip #3 –  Have a Heart-to-heart with Your Partner

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When the nerves get the better of you, stop whatever you think and remind yourself: a wedding isn’t a solo act. Are you afraid that things won’t turn out as planned? Do you dread putting on the pounds before your big day? Or perhaps the whole happily-ever-after thought overwhelms you? 

Speak with your partner and share the feelings that gnaw at you from inside. You shouldn’t stomach those nasties all by yourself! As the saying goes – walk alone if you want to go fast but walk together if you intend to go far! Marriage should last, so why not consider the wedding preparation as a trust and teamwork challenge? 




Did you think we were going to leave you to your own devices? While the steps above will help you calm those nerves, we understand that sometimes you need that expert guidance – that voice to lead you in the right direction and assure you all is well. 

That’s where La Belle’s experienced consultants come into the picture. We will eliminate all that stress, from wedding photography to selecting picture-perfect gowns to help you achieve an unforgettable celebration.  Reach out to us or drop us a message on social media to begin. Let’s create those cherished memories!


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