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Wedding Preparations During The Pandemic

Wedding Preparations During the Pandemic

By Laurenzo Overee

Wedding trends move like the ebb and flow of the tides at sea. Brides need to monitor the “waves” to ride them like a champion surfer. The COVID-19 situation brings a volatile monsoon, but with the proper wedding preparations, you’ll enjoy a fabulous big day as planned. 

La Belle guides you through a couple of careful steps to take during these challenging days. By the time you reach the end of the list, you’ll smile and say, “challenge accepted.”

Tip #1 for Pandemic Wedding Preparations – Stay Digital

The pandemic has improved the collective tech-savviness of communities. Even elderly relatives who usually boycott technology have started to experiment with Zooming and online shopping. Your wedding invitation should ride the digital, contact-free wave to keep everyone safe. 

Similarly, you should maintain close relations with your guests before the wedding. Check-in via WhatsApp, SMS, or email to see how everyone is doing. Of course, nothing beats conventional house visits to deliver the good news, but digital communication can still get the job done!

There is a wide variety of creative sites that provide customisable wedding invitation cards. A simple click, drag, drop, and edit can help you create the most stunning e-invitations in no time. You don’t need to be a digital design maestro to create a masterpiece.

Once finalised, just send them to your guests with a mailer, and they can RSVP accordingly. It’s simplicity at its finest!

Tip #2 for Pandemic Wedding Preparations – Vary Guest Lists

How do you prevent disappointment when locating the ideal wedding gowns at your favorite boutique? You plan way in advance and have options on standby! The same theory applies to guest lists during the pandemic season. Sometimes the situation improves, and other times, not so much. You’ll need a flexible guest list based on various situations and social restrictions. 

For example, you could have an invitation for 200 people for when situations improve and a focused 100-guest alternative in the case of restrictions. Carefully plan so you can implement the most suitable list in your wedding preparations with minimal headache and fuss. 

Of course, this only works if you have the luxury of time. If you are fast approaching your big day, you’ll have no choice but to disappoint some guests. Alternatively, you may postpone the event (last resort) or hold a minimony (down-scaled event). You could always invite the absent guests for a bigger celebration when the situation subsides. 

Tip #3 for Pandemic Wedding Preparations – Replace Interactive Elements 

Guests attend a wedding to give their fullest well-wishes as couples enter a new milestone. Let’s not forget they’re also there to have some fun! Unfortunately, with social restrictions, there’s a KIV on lively cocktail receptions, whacky photo booths, and other interactive activities. 

Consider other ways to show appreciation for your guests. Perhaps a personalised note to each attendee, DIY wedding favours, or cards printed with links to an online wedding game/contest they can remotely enjoy together! The bottom line is to keep guests in mind. After all, they have come far and wide to see you in your gorgeous wedding gown!

Tip #4 for Pandemic Wedding Preparations – Safety First!

On the topic of guests, remember that you are responsible for the safety of attendees as a host. There are governmental regulations that should be abided by at all times, and you should never leave anything to guesswork. Work closely with wedding vendors and venue management to clarify their pandemic measures. 

Some things to consider on-site include social distancing table layouts, temperature-taking gantries, and hand sanitisation stations. If in doubt, hire a wedding coordinator to support you through the pandemic checklist. Professionals will ensure your big day complies with the latest rules and regulations for maximum safety. 




The La Belle Team is always here to offer you the assurance you need to take complete charge of your wedding day. Whether it rains, shines, or snows in Singapore, our experts will lead you to the perfect wedding gown. We believe that every season is the right season to enjoy a seamless and enjoyable celebration of love. 

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