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Wedding Regrets: What Brides Wish They Could Have Done For Their Weddings

Wedding Regrets: What Brides Wish they Could Have Done for their Weddings

Most brides have wedding regrets, it is just a matter or whether they’re a major or minor issue. True story – it is just how reality vs expectation works. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t turn a regret around!

La Belle Couture explores 4 common wedding regrets and how you can prevent them.  The bottom-line is, when there is a will, there is a way. And weddings are a time for you to will for happiness and love regardless of the immediate setbacks.  

Wedding Regret #1: Not Over-inviting Guests

So you’ve invited the entire clan – colleagues, loved ones, your neighbours and even your fave StarBucks barista. Everyone is having a blast on your big day but you suddenly find yourself sulking in your wedding gown


You realize that the crowd is draining your energy because you’re an introvert who secretly desires a more private affair.


Remember, above all else, you’re one of the stars of the show. You need to do what’s best for yourself rather than satisfying everyone around you. Speak to your partner, the co-star. 


Voice your preference for having a small event. It is no shame really – the size of a wedding crowd doesn’t represent the strength of your relationship. A wedding is about the union of two people deeply in love. 


Everything else is secondary. You’ll want to look back at the event in years to come, to relive those priceless moments in your head that will bring a smile to your face. 


Wedding Regret #2: Opting Against Outdoor Weddings

Singaporean brides may be smitten by photos of outdoor weddings in international bridal magazines and websites. The flowers are pretty, the weather appears warm and inviting while the lucky couple looks stunning in their outfits.Some brides then leap at the idea of having an outdoor event for themselves.  


Unfortunately, we live in an ultra tropical nation and most foreign outdoor wedding scenes will be nightmarish in Singapore. For starters, you can probably expect warm but UNinviting weather. So, perform a site recce before committing to an outdoor affair. 


Look out for mosquitoes, you don’t want to expose your guests as buffet for those nasty bloodsuckers. 


Also, you might wanna consider having a pre-wedding photography shoot at the venue in your chosen wedding gown. Does the gown material feel breathable and suitable for your outdoor function? 


Remember, you’ll be wearing your gown much longer than you did for your shoot. Choose lightweight materials with little fabric. You want to radiate with beauty and confidence on your wedding day, not going breathless and dehydrated. 


Wedding Regret #3: Going for Non-White Wedding Gowns

Off-white, ivory, true white, snow white, call it what you’d like. White is the colour most commonly associated with brides. It is the color of purity, innocence and faithfulness. 


But what if white really isn’t your colour? What if you preferred something bold and more fitting of your personality? Lucky you, now most bridal collections off all kinds of colour options. You can choose from pastel palettes to the loudest and most vibrant hues. Even darker shades once rejected for being inauspicious for a wedding, are starting to gain popularity among modern brides. 


When it comes down to shopping for your wedding gown, don’t limit yourself to traditional white selections. If you’re daring enough, go for patterned  or gowns or even one with a midriff! You own the stage on your big day and you’ve got the power to choose the outfit that brings out the best in you.  

Wedding Regrets #4: DIY-ing Wedding Photography

There is a good reason why wedding photography comes at a high cost. The fees include the professional expertise of the photographer, editing and wedding album design. 


Some brides may choose to outsource wedding photography to relatives or close friends, who’re often amateur hobbyists. Sure, this can significantly reduce costs.The risk? You might fail to capture the most priceless moments in their full glory. They’re usually blink-and-you-miss-it opportunities, there won’t be any second chances!


Also, you might face the issue of blurred images or unglam shots. This is usually unthinkable in the work of a professional, so you get what you paid for! But not to worry, there are many affordable wedding photography packages nowadays, simply inform your wedding vendor about your budget and have them work around it. 



We hope this helps you prevent some regrets or reconsider other wedding matters that may prove problematic. La Belle is always here to make a positive impact in the lives of our brides. As Audrey Hepburn once said, “the best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”We believe there is nothing too challenging or impossible to overcome in the wedding process as long as couples face them as a together. 


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