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Wedding Songs To Dance/March In To

Thinking of doing away with Mendelssohn’s Wedding March? Can’t decide which song to choose for your first dance? Fret no further as we present 10 songs plus 1 playlist for you to pick the perfect one for that special moment.


Songs To March In To

Only Time – Enya


Any song from this Wedding String Quartet playlist:


Songs To Dance To

I’ll Follow You – Jon McLaughlin

The perfect harmony of piano and violin in the background also works as a march-in song. But that’s only if you’re geek enough to remove the vocals from the track. If not, have this as your first dance song.

So in the hours of the darkest kind/ When it’s hard to find who we are/ One can stare into the other’s eyes/ Be each other’s light in the dark


So Close – Jon McLaughlin

Remember that scene in Enchanted where Giselle and Robert were dancing away at the ball? Recreate it with your husband on your wedding day and be swept off your feet. Literally.

You’re in my arms, and all the world is calm/ The music playing on for only two/ So close, together/ And when I’m with you/ So close, to feeling alive


Come What May – Original Film

In Moulin Rouge, Christian sang this song while professing his love to Satine. At the end of the movie, he’s writing a script telling the tale of a “love that will live forever”. Need we even say more?

Come what may/ I will love you until my dying day


I Don’t Dance – Lee Brice

Despite what this title suggests, this song is actually about a shy groom’s first dance – perfect for your first dance as a newlywed! Even better if your groom is one who never danced in his life before.

I don’t dance, but here I am/ Spinning you around and around in circles/ It ain’t my style, but I don’t care/ I’d do anything with you anywhere


I Choose You – Sara Bareilles

This song comes together with a particularly romantic story – featuring two creative real-life proposal. Listen closely to the lyrics and imagine being in the arms of your now husband, enjoying your first dance as newlyweds.

My whole heart/ Will be yours forever/ This is a beautiful start/ To a lifelong love letter


Latch – Sam Smith (Boyce Avenue feat. Lia Marie Johnson)

We love acoustic versions of songs! If you love pop hits, consider this acoustic cover by Boyce Avenue.

Now I’ve got you in my space/ I won’t let go of you/ Got you shackled in my embrace/ I’m latching on to you


The Moon Song – Karen O

Change into a pair of sneakers (we’re thinking maybe glitter ones) and dance away to this indie folk tune.

But with you my dear/ I’m safe and we’re a million miles away


Father/Daughter and/or Mother/Son Dance

I Am Your Child – Barry Manilow


I’ll Always Be Your Baby – Natalie Grant


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