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Wedding Themes- The Big Picture before the details

Some girls have been planning their weddings all their lives, and they know the exact pantone code of every color that has the honour to grace their momentous event. Some, though, really just want to have a simple and heartfelt wedding without the logistical nightmare.

Well, whether you’re all for a grand party or a minimalist affair, having a wedding theme is a great idea. On a very basic level, a theme helps to pull together all the individual elements of the event and could even make planning easier and more fun. Once you’ve had the big picture, the details like color scheme, textures, and music, would flow into your head a lot easier and more naturally, and that would really help with decision-making.

But that’s really not all. A theme that’s well thought and authentic could really showcase your one-in-a-million personalities and unique stories, and you’d probably remember your wedding for years to come.

Thankfully, wedding themes are a lot more inspiring than desktop themes.

There are a gazillion possible wedding themes and your imagination is the limit. You could go by colour palette, seasons, era, location, or even your favourite superhero. We strongly suggest that you discuss this with your partner though, before going full-steam ahead with planning a Hello Kitty wedding.

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A wedding is an intimate event made public, not the other way round.

What does that actually mean?

Well, in essence, keep it real. It’s easy to be floored with the drool-worthy themes that you see on the magazines, and even be tempted to pick a trending theme that you think would most wow your guests. But really, there is no point in choosing a stuffy black-tie glamorous theme when you know that you both are zany and laid-back. In this case, a barefoot beach wedding would bring you tonnes more enjoyment and memories than a glitzy event. And, we have a real good feeling that your family and friends are attending your wedding to bask in your happiness, not judge your choice of theme.

So with that in mind, ask yourself the following questions

When and where is your wedding?

If you’re holding your wedding during the raining season, the beach theme may be a little trickier (but not impossible!) If you’re holding it in a hotel, don’t limit yourself to the banquet halls. Consider the cosy garden spaces as well.

Colours, Colours, Colours

Well, it’s not all about the colours. But they play an important role. Choose your favourite colours (you and your partner) and remember that you don’t have to splash them all over the place. Use them in accents and details for a touch of sophistication. Sometimes, less is more.


What’s your personality?

Your wedding is the best chance to be yourself, and whatever you’ve always dreamed of. No holds barred! You could be the chic and elegant bride, or turn up with a gown and sneakers if that best expresses you true inner-self.

What’s your story?

Having a theme around your love story would make this enjoyable for both of you, and of course everyone who loves you. If you met each other while travelling, or if you both are hardcore fans of Lord of The Rings, why not turn that into a theme?

The Music and the Mood

Some people find it much easier to feel a mood than to visualize details like colors and seating plans. Try thinking of and feeling the mood of your wedding. It definitely doesn’t have to be formal 10-seater table affair. Bossanova jazz and clinking glasses, or live acoustic music with lots of guests mingling around?


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Happy brainstorming about your wedding theme ladies, and don’t hesitate to speak to us if you need some help with turning an idea into reality!

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