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Wedding To-Dos That You Dread But Actually Aren’t That Bad!

Wedding To-Dos That You Dread But Actually Aren’t That Bad!

There are many to-dos to settle before a wedding. Some of these to-dos are dreaded by brides – maybe because they seem tedious and tiring. The voice in your head might go, “let’s get it over and done with already!” But in true La Belle fashion (we’re always innovating ways to bring smiles to the faces of our brides), we’re here to make your to-do list less daunting…and we daresay, fun!

After all, a wedding is a monumental event and brides should enjoy every step of the process.  

Fun Wedding To-Dos #1: Preparing the Guest List

Oh dear, you’ve got to call and invite distant uncles and aunties, and whatnot. It can be such a drag, and not to mention, embarrassing if you’ve not seen them for ages. Some relatives might even attempt to talk your ear off in an hour long conversation. 

But think of it this way: it is the chance to break the ice and get comfy with your guests to avoid being uncomfortable in front of them at the wedding. Ask about the latest things that are going on in their lives (and expect them to poke around in your business too. That’s only fair!).  

If you’ve got too many guests or a poor memory, it might be a good idea to take out a notepad and jot down points so you’ll have topics with everyone at the wedding dinner. Yes, even that awkward cousin at the corner of the ballroom. 

Fun Wedding To-Dos #2: Selecting A Wedding Photographer

There are just so many wedding photographers to choose from that it isn’t funny! You may find yourself sitting at the edge of your bed at a total loss. You might even have the strange thought of DIY-ing with your hand phone

. (From the bottom of our hearts: Please don’t)

Don’t fret. The selection process of wedding photography is actually fun. What you need to do is check out the portfolio of your shortlisted photographer/agency. Grab some popcorn and your partner (just grab) on a weekend. Instead of binging on Netflix, browse through bridal photography portfolios. Enjoy the remarkable visuals, pay attention to the colour saturation, composition, poses, and discuss which style best suits the both of you. 

Keep swiping until you’re content. But as an additional precaution, find out what past customers have said about the services and also, how long they’ve been in the industry (this gives you a clearer idea on whether they’re trustworthy).  

Fun Wedding To-Dos #3: Choosing the Best Food

Dinner, lunch and in rare cases, breakfast. A wedding celebration usually includes a meal where couples can entertain their guests and further express their romance. 

And what is the main attraction in a meal? FOOD glorious food. 

Remember, some guests will be attending with empty stomachs, half-expecting a feast. It is difficult for guests to admire you in your ravishing wedding gown if their stomachs are constantly growling. 

What you can do is to arrange for a taste test with your restaurant. Some places offer sampler platters, which contain small portions of various signature dishes. By trying these dishes for yourself, you can select the best dishes that won’t disappoint.    

Treat it like a gastronomical adventure with your partner, better still if he pays for it. So sweet 😉

Fun Wedding To-Dos #4: Getting the Groom Involved

Weddings are often touted as the epic day for ladies to look their prettiest. But with that said, we need to remember that bridegrooms aren’t just accessories or appendages. 

And yes, some men decide to take a backseat as a result of bride-centric mentalities and tune out altogether. But that is a mistake because a wedding celebrates the union of TWO. 

It can be frustrating (and exhausting) to drag your partner around for the wedding prep as if it were a chore. What you can do is make the process interesting for him. Talk about the types of suits he would like tailored for the event, perhaps ask which brand of Cabernet Sauvignon he would prefer for the dinner. Involve him in the conversation and even ask for his honest opinions about your wedding gown choice, etc. 

An interested groom will be more enthusiastic (and less resistant) and supportive with the prep while you’re busy with your stuff.  

Fun Wedding To-Dos #5: Keeping Calm


There’s a T-shirt that says “Keep Calm and Marry On”. But most brides don’t own it. 

Nerves are known to get the better of you as you close in on the big day. You start to ponder over the million possible ways that things would go wrong. Murphy’s law – you keep doing that and the prophecy gets fulfilled. You’ll be tense and more likely to make mistakes as a result. 

The solution: distract yourself with things you love. Watch movies, go for a run, have heart-to-heart convos with your partner. Take it a day at a time, in fact, a minute at a time to focus on things within your control. Through effective planning, the big day will play out well on its own. Trust us!


La Belle Couture is always here to provide brides with a peace of mind as they prepare for their amazing wedding. We hope the article makes it easier for you. We know it is overwhelming to plan for something you’ve always desired! 

As Dr. Seuss once said, “ you know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

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