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Prediction For Wedding Trends 2021/2022

Prediction for Wedding Trends 2021/2022

The new normal took everyone by surprise, including couples who planned for their big day. While conventionally, brides turn to their married family members and friends for practical wedding advice, none of them saw the pandemic coming! Based on how things currently are and making educated guesses, La Belle presents wedding trends we may anticipate for 2021/2022!

Predicted Wedding Trends in 2021/22 #1: Keeping Receptions Small

COVID-19 led to smaller crowds, and with that comes smaller wedding turnouts. We can expect these trends to remain for a fair bit. Some couples may hear wedding success stories from friends who held a close-knit intimate affair and wish to emulate them. 

Please don’t confuse smaller receptions for cheaper and less memorable alternatives! You can still have a jolly good time celebrating your romance by being carefully selective with your guests. Invite your closest kins and peers, who will enhance the joyous atmosphere. 

There’s the old saying that the best things come in small packages. The statement might hold true for some weddings, especially for brides who love their privacy! So expect simplicity and its timeless charm as wedding norms. 

Predicted Wedding Trends in 2021/22 #2: A Rise in Outdoor Affairs

The new normal brings some taboos and dread regarding enclosed places. You know the usual fears of how infections may spread easier within a shut-off air-conditioned environment. So, we may expect more brides to entertain the idea of outdoor weddings. Nothing beats fresh air and a wall-less ceremony that puts everyone at ease. Oh, let’s not forget the mesmeric wedding photography shots you’ll get with natural light!

Beaches and garden weddings provide casual and romantic atmospheres that add to the magic of your celebration. Sentosa’s pristine beaches and the Botanical Gardens are two options you might consider for a fun and beautiful occasion. Remember to plan your wedding gown accordingly (opt for lighter and comfier fabric) and always have an indoor alternative in case of inclement weather. 

Predicted Wedding Trends in 2021/22 #3: Livestream Weddings to Stay 

Thinning the guest list doesn’t mean that you can’t invite the rest of your contacts to join in the celebration! There’s always the option of remote weddings (i.e., via Zoom broadcast) to share your priceless wedding moments. We can expect more couples to embrace remote wedding features, with its fantastic interactive elements and recording capabilities (footage can double up as a supplement to wedding videography!).

Now you can invite everyone to your wedding, some of them being physically there while some will virtually attend your wedding! 

For an enhanced cyber wedding experience, you may consider hiring online emcees for the video stream channels or send champagnes to the doorsteps of your remote guests!

Now you can share your celebration of love and show how beautiful you look in your wedding gown with everyone you care about!

Predicted Wedding Trends in 2021/22 #4: The Rising Popularity of Colourful Weddings

Gone are the days where couples restricted wedding gowns and tuxedos to black and white designs. These days, wedded couples go for outfits that reflect their unique personalities – magenta, cyan, indigo, silver, purple, patterns, motifs, you name it! The same goes for wedding themes and decor, with preferences for blooms with striking colours and gorgeous set pieces that instantly transform a space into a breath-taking scene. 




The new normal may seem intent on staying for a bit (like a rowdy wedding guest), but you will have that perfect wedding with the right preparation, regardless! Remember, La Belle Couture is here to provide all the assistance and support you in fulfilling your wedding plans. The future may remain uncertain, but we’re certain you deserve and will receive the best wedding experience!



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