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Wedding Trends To Expect In 2021

Wedding Trends to Expect in 2021

By Laurenzo Overee

2021 has been an intriguing year so far (just like its predecessor). As such, some wedding trends would naturally follow this new normal. Brides may find themselves in a situation where they need to alter their expectations to suit the current reality. It seems disappointing, but in truth, some meticulous tweaks will fulfill (or exceed) their wedding goals. 

We believe that the best wedding experience should complement the status quo to a certain extent. However, with that said, you should never forsake your bridal vision! Goldilocks got it right – moderation is the answer. We look at the top 4 wedding trends to expect for the rest of 2021 and how you can apply them in your unique way to create an unforgettable wedding. 

2021 Wedding Trends #1 – Going Outdoors

Outdoor weddings were all the hype in 2020, with the increased concern over crowds in enclosed spaces. We believe the trend will continue into 2021. Outdoor weddings have always been a timeless fave among brides, with their comfy open spaces and fresh air. A tropical paradise like Singapore offers various scenic locations to hold the outdoor wedding of your dreams – such as Capella Singapore and Equarius Lawn at Resorts World Sentosa. 

Just always remember to have an indoor alternative in case it rains and protection  (i.e., stylish brollies) for your precious wedding gown. And book in advance, these spots may get snatched up fast!

2021 Wedding Trends #2 – Minimonies and Hashtags

Various wedding terms and hashtags arose during the pandemic. Choosing specific hashtags (i.e.,#Jay&Jerline2021) to upload wedding content allows friends and relatives to locate pictures and videos with a quick search. Almost everyone has a social media account these days, and if someone can’t turn up for the wedding, hashtags are perfect guides. 

Minimonies are another popular practice these days. These refer to intimate wedding celebrations with a small turnout. They are a good way for couples to complete the official part of the wedding (i.e., exchanging vows and wedding rings) while holding off the grand celebration later when it’s appropriate to invite a throng of guests. 

2021 Wedding Trends #3 – Sustainable Weddings

Sustainable weddings will remain a goal for many modern brides. All the time spent working from home and engaged in deep introspection leads to a renewed passion for the environment. Sustainability has also influenced bridal designs in recent times, paving the way for slow fashion and reusable wedding gowns that brides can don after the ceremony.

Aside from wedding outfits, brides may opt for eco-friendly cutleries, favours, and bridal invitations. Ardent eco-warriors may even include environmental pledges into their wedding vows. 

2021 Wedding Trends #4 – Get Creative with Wedding Rings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – or at least that was the case a decade ago. Nowadays, more expressive couples favour coloured stone designs (non-diamond precious stones), like tourmaline, garnet, and emerald. Similarly, we see bohemian brides going for non-conventional wedding gown hues. 

We believe the trend will continue through 2021. And don’t think that coloured stones are worth any less – the best cuts still fetch a princely sum!




Each year brings novel challenges, but we at La Belle see them as opportunities to spice up the timeless wedding tradition. The essential thing for all brides is to stay happy and excited every step of the preparation. Your big day is a beautiful, life-changing event, and with our experts at your side, nothing should ever faze you!


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