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What Do Bridesmaids Do During Weddings

What Do Bridesmaids Do During Weddings

Ah bridesmaids, how can any bride survive the wedding without them? They’re the entourage entrusted with a mountain of tasks while you’re busy looking at your finest in your wedding gown. Bridesmaids are usually sisters, or close female friends and relatives. They’re so close that they probably know your secrets and understand your vision for the wedding. 

However, some people might still be unaware of what bridesmaids do. La Belle takes a deep dive into the world of bridesmaids and how they contribute to a wedding. 

Duties of Bridesmaids #1: Manage the Gatecrash

Let’s face it, the groomsmen might exude machismo and bravado during the gatecrashing ceremony, but bridesmaids are the true wielders of power. They’re the ones who plan and oversee the most challenging obstacles to prove a groom’s loyalty. And yes, they hold the keys to the bride’s forbidden kingdom. 

Bridesmaids may snicker, mock, and snap unflattering shots of these brave men during the gatecrash. But hey, they can do anything they want, they are the gatekeepers, who is going to stop them? The show must go on 🙂   

Duties of Bridesmaids #2: Prep the Bride 

The most stylish fashionistas among your team of bridesmaids can double up as hairstylist and MUA (make-up artists) assistants. But of course, you should be extremely familiar with your bridesmaid’s style before enlisting her for the role. The last thing you want is a half-baked hairdo or disagreeable makeup for your grand walk at the aisle. 


You should consider getting the MUA/hairstyling bridesmaid to tag along during your wedding gown fitting sessions. This will ensure that she is well aware of the design of your chosen outfit so she can plan the best look that enhances the overall appearance.  


Yes, bridesmaids cover multiple aspects of the wedding, even ensuring that you look perfect for your big day. They really deserve a big shoutout at the end of the wedding. 


Duties of Bridesmaids #3: Man the Booth

The duties of bridesmaids do not end with the pre-wedding preps. They’re the tireless faces that you see at the reception of a wedding banquet. These young ladies are always ready to attend to guests with their winning smiles as they represent the lucky couple. In fact, their positive presence adds a glow to the celebratory mood. 


Their booth tasks involve collecting red packets from guests, ushering them to the right seats, and managing the guestbook filled with wishes. 




Bridesmaids play a major role in a wedding celebration. So always be careful when it comes down to selecting your entourage. Of course, their roles don’t end with the ones found on our list. They’re also there to keep your wedding gown spotless during your grand arrival, to offer you moral support, and much more. 


You should ensure that the bridesmaids are familiarised with each other so they can collaborate in harmony. Additionally, brides should provide the best treatment for their bridesmaids, with an enjoyable experience which may include a meal and gifts at the end of a wedding. 


We wish our brides all the best in finding the perfect group of bridesmaids. Trust us when we say that they will make a major difference in the wedding! 


We can’t wait to see you very soon when phase 2 ends, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or help, take care and we’ll see you soon!

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