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What’s In A Dream Wedding?

What’s in a Dream Wedding?

By Laurenzo Overee

It’s common to hear brides talk about their dream wedding. Sometimes it’s so much to process that it can overwhelm. But as we always emphasise – it doesn’t have to be the case. You should enjoy every part of the process, from planning to execution. And if you ever feel like a babe lost in the woods, we are always here to show you the way!

Regardless of how you define your dream wedding, some shared elements exist in every bridal celebration. And that’s what La Belle is going to explore in this edition of our blog. From weddings gowns to wedding photography and everything in between. Here’s how you can shape up your big day into one for the ages!

Dream Wedding Elements #1 – Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is the magic that immortalises your love. A dream wedding should include carefully organised pre-wedding and actual day shots snapped by trusted professionals. 

Your pre-wedding location doesn’t always have to be a breathtaking field of summer flowers or a colonial courtyard. Choose a location that connects with your bridal theme or sets the perfect mood for your big day. Remember to plan a few special shots for your wedding invitation to get guests excited for the event.

Dream Wedding Elements #2 – Wedding Outfits

Gorgeous wedding gowns are symbolic of a dream wedding. Most brides have a clear idea of how they’ll look as they stroll blissfully down the aisle. They can almost feel the atmosphere in their mind’s eye, surrounded by cheers and smiles from familiar faces. 

Many brides choose their bridal gown design based on their preferred wedding theme. An outdoor beach or garden wedding usually sees lightweight wedding dresses that facilitate easy movement. Indoor weddings at grand receptions within hotels and chapels typically work best with an elegant and elaborate ball gown. 

Let’s not forget about your partner while you’re selecting the ideal bridal ensemble! There are diverse assortments of tuxedos and suits for the groom these days and creative tailoring services. 

If your partner prefers a bespoke style, consider a cut that accentuates his natural frame. La Belle’s fashion experts can help you discover the best fit to have the both of you looking immaculate on your big day. 

Dream Wedding Elements #3 – Wedding Activities

A wedding’s primary purpose is the official confession of your love. That we agree, however, to create a truly unforgettable event, you should consider adding some entertainment to your celebration. You may consider opening the dancefloor, hiring an amusing emcee, and having candid (and often hilarious) speeches from loved ones. 

Bridal lawn games are popular for outdoor weddings. These may include timeless favorites such as croquet, ring toss, and Jenga. But remember, it’s your dream wedding, so don’t let those activities and entertainment outshine you!

Dream Wedding Elements #4 – The Wedding Vow

The wedding vow is the most important part of your celebration. Every word exchanged carries hope, promises, and expectations as two become one.  You could go with the default script provided by the solemniser – but that’s unworthy of a dream wedding!

However, we understand that words don’t come easy to everyone. Sometimes, couples find it difficult to express how they feel, and it shouldn’t be contrived. If you’re at a loss for words, here are some excellent wedding vow examples and templates to help you out. 




So what is a dream wedding? It is a unique celebration where you feel comfortable, look exceptional, and take your relationship to the next level. 

Are you still feeling the jitters from wedding preparations? Are you worried that reality will fall far from expectation? If so, rest your mind because La Belle is here for you! We offer comprehensive bridal services that will realise that perfect wedding scene you always wanted. Here’s where we make your dreams come true.  

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