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When You Don’t Get Along With Your In-Laws

When You Don’t Get Along With Your In-Laws

Although it is commonly believed that marriage is the romantic union of two souls, in truth, there are many lives involved. We’re talking about in-laws, close friends, and other mutual relations – mostly in-laws. Marriage expands families, to pave the way for bigger and livelier gatherings. But let’s face it, tensions may run high when people come together – no exception with in-laws. Things can get ugly, but is it inevitable? We’d like to think not!

Instead of waging endless cold wars, or simply “putting up” with them, La Belle looks at some effective ways to forge strong bonds with the in-laws. 

Improving Relationship with in-laws Tip #1: Balance the Scale

It is important that couples spend an equal amount of time with each side of the family. This ensures that in-laws do not feel left out or ignored, and also increases the opportunities to create memorable moments. It is best that these practices are set in motion before the big day so it feels natural and doesn’t give the impression of a pretense. This gives your in-laws a chance to foster mutual understanding with you. So when the time comes for you to walk the aisle, you’re more than just a pretty face behind a wedding gown

Improving Relationship with in-laws Tip #2: Offer Gratitude

Gratitude goes an extremely long way. The practice of being appreciative shows that you’re a humble person who values relationships. It could be something as simple as giving thanks for a homecooked meal, or visiting you while you’re unwell. Chances are, kindness begets kindness and you’ll be able to form a healthy and lasting bond with your in-laws. You might even see some of that genuine joy captured in the winning shots of your wedding photography

Improving Relationship with in-laws Tip #3: Involve them in the Wedding Prep

Couples may consider involving their in-laws in the wedding preparations, which will suggest just how important and special they are. This shows that you value their opinions and support – looking up to them as elders. There are many ways they can participate, from accompanying you for wedding gown fitting to offering moral support at your pre-wedding shoot. Just one point to note – if you’re going to involve the in-laws, involve your parents too! The last thing you want is to stir jealousy!

Improving Relationship with in-laws Tip #4: Maintain Mutual Respect

Mutual respect is key to most long-lasting relationships. Couples should realize that it isn’t always their fault in a disagreement. So, don’t be overeager in accepting all blame if things don’t work out immediately. Also, avoid holding onto grudges as it complicates matters for your partner. 


Sometimes, your in-laws might simply need more time to acclimatize to the expanded family. So be patient and don’t rush it, things will fall into place perfectly as long as everyone shows mutual respect. As country singer Dolly Parton once said, “if you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain.”




Although we say “in-laws”, the ideal would be to remove the term altogether. Consider the wedding a special ceremony of gaining yourself an extra mum and dad. Families in harmony will do wonders for the marriage as couples receive blessings and support from all sides.


La Belle is always here to support you on your wedding journey. We’re more than happy to assist you, your parents, and in-laws to create the sweetest memories for everyone.  


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