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Why Bridesmaids Rock

Why Bridesmaids Rock


By Laurenzo Overee

Bridesmaids are the closest thing to cloning yourself for your big day. You’ll be busy with the guest reception, meet and greet, looking gorgeous and feeling blissful, and more. Phew, there’s only so much that one person can do!

In other words, bridesmaids will take up some of your bridal responsibilities, so you can focus on being the happiest girl on Earth for your wedding. Frankly, bridesmaids are angels who will make your big day enjoyable and unforgettable, so choose wisely!

Bridesmaids Rock Reason #1 – They Will Take One for the Team 

wedding preparation

For most brides, it’s impossible to entertain every guest in attendance. It is especially so with long-winded attendees who love the sound of their own voice (you know they are out there!). But let’s get real for a moment. Your wedding isn’t about them; it’s about you and your precious union!

However, rather than giving these guests the cold shoulder or abruptly cutting a conversation short, your bridesmaid can come to the rescue. Yes, your bridesmaid can keep your 6th aunty from KL occupied, hearing her story about that Bitcoin investment or dropshipping deal while you busy with the event. 

Just remember, if you decide to go down this route, prepare a fitting gift for your bridesmaid. She deserves every bit of it!

Bridesmaid Rock Reason #2 – They Are Your Gate Guardians

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As a bride in Singapore, you are highly likely to include a gatecrashing ceremony in your wedding celebration. And when you do hold such an event, you’ll need reliable bridesmaids to put your partner and his groomsmen to the test. 

Your bridesmaids should be like Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings, uttering “you shall not pass” to your partner and his posse of knaves. If you want those blokes to jump, they should ask your bridesmaids how high. So just sit back, look pretty in your wedding gown, and let your bridesmaids handle the obstacle course.

Let’s just say you’ll be in for a treat during the banquet montage. 

Bridesmaid Rock Reason #3 – They Add Fun to Gown-Testing

bride and groom

Wedding gown-testing is arguably one of the most sought-after aspects of the event. Sure, it’s fun to bring your partner along and speak to consultants (like the dedicated ones at La Belle). But let’s face it, nothing beats the pricelessness of another lady’s perspective when selecting the ideal fashion piece. 

With bridesmaids, you’ll likely have at least three different opinions. They can help scrutinise each outfit across every design element – from stitching to hemline and silhouette. It will be an amusing and informative process that prevents you from missing out on the slightest gown details. 




Of course, there’s so much more that your bridesmaids can offer. However, when choosing your bridesmaids, there are some other things to consider. 

For example, their outfits should complement your wedding gown (and not draw attention away from it). Also, you should ensure that your bridesmaids share great chemistry among themselves – they should be a cohesive unit!

Have you decided on the members of your bridal entourage? What tasks do you have lined up for them? Let us know in the comments section or via social media. Alternatively, you may schedule an appointment with us and introduce your bridesmaids to our team. We’d love to meet them! 

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