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Why Celebrate Sustainable Weddings With Gown Rentals?

Why Celebrate Sustainable Weddings with Gown Rentals?

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By Laurenzo Overee

Sustainable weddings are all the hype these days. Almost every bride seeks ways to reduce her carbon footprint by minimising waste during the grand occasion. The pandemic could be a driving factor – as more people spend time at home, pondering over the state of Mother Earth. 

When it comes to sustainable bridal events – we can’t ignore one of the most notable highlights of the occasion. Yes, the wedding gown. There are many steps and materials involved in bridal gown production. It’s a lot to take in, considering how most brides will only don them once in their lifetime. 

The good news is that with wedding gown rentals, you can enjoy the same glorious experience without incurring severe environmental costs. We could consider calling it a guilt-free alternative, and there are plentiful reasons to go down the rental path. 


Sustainable Wedding with Gown Rentals Reason #1: Avoid Storage Woes 

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Most wedding gowns are larger-than-life compared to your everyday outfits. They present elaborate features like tulle skirts that accentuate your natural body frame.  With that said, they require lots of room for storage. And we are pretty sure that most of our brides simply adore shopping for new clothes. 

Looking at the bridal gown years after the wedding as it hogs up wardrobe space will likely conjure annoyance rather than a sense of awe. With rentals, you can look like a queen on your wedding day without worrying about subsequent storage. As they say, YOLO – so bask in the moment!


Sustainable Wedding with Gown Rentals Reason #2: Affordability

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The wedding budget is an essential factor that shapes your big day. Couples usually spare no expense in looking and feeling their best for the event. However, what if there was a way to achieve desired wedding outcomes at a lower cost? That’s precisely what gown rentals can do for you. 

Have you ever seen a gorgeous wedding gown style in a bridal catalog, only to back away due to the hefty price tag? With affordable wedding gown rentals, you won’t have to settle for the second-best option. 


Sustainable Wedding with Gown Rentals Reason #3: You Have Creative Freedom!

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Many misconceptions continue to surround wedding gown rentals over the years. One of the most insidious mistruths is that brides must select from preset gown designs. If you have visited La Belle’s site, you’ll realise this is far from the truth!

In fact, bridal gown rentals offer creativity in finding a dress that fits you like a glove. From necklines and backlines to intricate appliques, you may request customisations according to your bridal vision. Consider working closely with your bridal consultants to iron out the subtlest details!




Ultimately, brides have the power to choose between rentals and purchasing their bridal gowns. But remember, buying a wedding gown comes with its fair share of considerations. 

Without proper maintenance care, your gowns will quickly lose their original luster, replaced by a gloomy and depressing appearance. It’s probably not how you’d like to remember your wedding!

Also, rentals could help you save more than 70% of the cost of a purchased wedding dress. That’s a significant sum you could invest in your honeymoon or new home!

If you are still in doubt, contact us or leave us a message on social media! La Belle is always here to guide you through the most challenging wedding decisions. And we have some of the best dressmakers who will amaze you with their exceptional designs. 


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