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Why Is The Wedding Emcee Essential During The Banquet?

Why Is the Wedding Emcee Essential During the Banquet?

Here’s a relatable scene. You attend a wedding buffet, take your seat, and await the first course. You realise that there is no one familiar around you. It’s your colleague’s wedding, and no mutual friend showed up. You’re feeling bored or nervous from dining with strangers (should have brought your plus one!). Then comes the saviour – the wedding emcee, who diverts all attention away from the awkward situation. 

In fact, there are many reasons why the chatty person on stage can do wonders for your guests and make a wedding more enjoyable. While we have been through our fair share of painfully unlaughable “jokes” and embarrassing guest games, hiring a professional emcee is still a wise choice for the wedding. Believe us!

Reason #1 for Hiring a Wedding Emcee for the Banquet – Pleasantries and Necessities

A wedding buffet is a systematic process with various segments. There’s the official appearance of the wedded couple (as you waltz into the ballroom with your gorgeous wedding gown), yam seng, photo-taking on stage, and so on. You’ll need someone you can trust to lead the program without a hitch. 

Professional wedding emcees usually have years of experience overseeing wedding events. You can safely leave things in their hands while you busy with guest-greeting and looking your prettiest. Plus, your wedding emcee will inform guests about miscellaneous stuff such as parking matters, corkage, and side attractions (i.e., photo booth). 

Reason #2 for Hiring a Wedding Emcee for the Banquet – Puts Your Guests at Ease

In the perfect buffet scenario, you’ll be able to accost and entertain everyone who steps foot into the ballroom to wish you well. Yup, you’ll don your dream wedding gown, take incredible photos and make everyone comfortable. But let’s face it, that isn’t going to happen in the real world. 

A wedding buffet is going to keep you on your feet, and you’ll scuttle from table to table, hoping to the high heavens that everything goes smoothly. It can be overwhelming, and you’re likely to perspire under all that fabric and makeup while keeping a smile on your face. 

How do you ensure every guest feels at home as you stay fully occupied with everything else?

There’s currently no practical way to clone yourself – and your primary role for the evening is to be the blissful bride. So the next best thing is to hire a trustworthy wedding emcee to get your guests settled down and in a decent mood. Your emcee will greet everyone and have the spotlight on him/her/them, so the air is somewhat lighter. Relaxed guests = more blessings and a happier ambiance! 

Reason #3 for Hiring a Wedding Emcee for the Banquet – Entertainment

We couldn’t leave this point out. For better or worse, a wedding emcee is there to entertain the crowd (beyond wedding photography). There are many ways to get creative for your buffet activities, but if you can’t think of something, there’s always a bunch of tried and true options. Popular examples include lucky draws, hidden prizes (attached under the seats), dance-offs, stand-up comedy, and so on. 

The emcee will keep things exciting and guide the program while your guests enjoy the delicious dishes served to them. Imagine the alternative – background music playing while uncomfortable guests immerse in their phones. Yikes, give us an emcee any day!




Wedding emcee – yay or nay? Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you do decide to hire talent for your buffet, ensure it’s someone experienced. You can do so by checking their online portfolios or reading reviews about their services. Or, if you need that extra bit of assurance, reach out to expert wedding planners like the La Belle Team. We’ll be more than happy to help you locate your rockstar emcee to make your event a blast. 


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